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Work Wardrobe in Detail: What to Wear, Where to Buy, and 10 Best Office Clothes

Figuring out a different work outfit every day of the week can be quite challenging and time-consuming since a typical busy woman’s morning is already chaotic. A solution for such a situation lies in choosing versatile and fashion-forward pieces that you can style in many different ways – that said, work basics.

HeyYou Women’s Fashion offers a broad range of options to complete your work wardrobe. To help you narrow your choices, we have prepared the 10 best work outfits that will soon become your go-to choices for any business-related occasion.

Let’s begin.

1.    Blazers

Blazers are considered one of the most professional garments, and they are more than the recommended choice for your work wardrobe. Blazers come in many different styles, colors, and designs, and you can pair them with a wide variety of tops and pants.

Wear a blazer over a tank top or a plain T-shirt, and you’ll achieve a polished and chic look suitable for every office.

2.    Long-Sleeve Blouses

Long-sleeve blouses are another vital garment you can wear at work. They are versatile and appropriate for either conservative or casual offices, and you can style them in many different ways.

No matter if you choose to wear them underneath a blazer or without it, you’ll look quite chic and professional. Blouses come in various designs, and they make a perfect match with skirts and dressy pants.

3.    Button-Up Shirts

A classy button-up shirt is an excellent choice for a work environment, especially since it has always been a reflection of professionalism and sophistication. Apart from a white button-up, which is an evergreen piece, you can go for different colors and patterns – stripes, polka dot, florals, or any other print convenient for your office setting.

You can wear a button-up with a blazer to get a more polished look, but you can still look crisp without any cover. Pairing with pumps and dressy pants is always a great way to style your shirt.

Button-Up Shirts
Shop the look:
This fabulous garment can be ideally styled with a midi pencil skirt or wide-leg pants, stilettos, and pieces of subtle and elegant jewelry.

4.    Tank Tops

Tank Tops
Cute and stylish tank tops are a suitable choice to wear under blouses or blazers. You can use them to create different looks throughout the week, just make sure you have them in different colors.

Whenever you don’t have time to figure out the perfect outfit, you can go for a tank top, a pair of pants, and a blazer. That way, you’ll have a great work outfit in less than five minutes!

5.    Dusters

Dusters are excellent office clothes you can wear throughout the year. They are polished and adequate for occasions that require an elevated dose of professionalism. Dusters are also pretty chic and versatile, which is why you should consider them the best work wardrobe essentials.

6.    Dress Pants

Dress Pants
You can’t even imagine your stylish work outfit without a killer pair of pants. Dress pants are versatile and suitable for your work environment, regardless of its formality level. Pants are great since you can style them with tops, shirts, turtlenecks, blazers, and virtually any other appropriate clothing type.
This babe is wearing Beige High Waisted Knit Side Snap Pant while sitting in her home office. It fits her perfectly, doesn’t it?

7.    Pencil and Midi-Length Skirts

Pencil and Midi-Length Skirts
Midi-length skirts are a pretty convenient choice for your office, and thanks to their versatility, you can use them to create a wide variety of styles that won't go unnoticed. The pencil models are also suitable, primarily due to their business-oriented and polished design.

Skirts are another must-have office clothes that deserve a place in your closet. Apart from being functional and stylish, they are real comfort and confidence-boosters.

8.    Matching Pair of Pants and Blazer

Pants and Blazer
You'll never go wrong with matching sets, which are an excellent option for job interviews or important meetings within the firm. Such sets work perfectly with tops, blouses, or button-downs, and you can always upgrade them with shoes and pieces of jewelry.

Matching pants and blazer can create a wide variety of casual work outfits, as well as numerous polished and professional looks that will impress your co-workers and bosses.

9.    Long Sleeve Tops and Turtlenecks

Long Sleeve Tops and Turtlenecks
When you don’t know what to wear, go for basics, and you won’t go wrong. Since working fashion consists of many versatile and easy outfits, long-sleeve tops and turtlenecks are always convenient. You can style them with skirts, pants, blazers, jackets, and a wide variety of shoes and accessories.

10.    Dresses

Finally, we can't forget to mention dresses as a critical part of a business wardrobe. Midi-length or maxi dresses are among the most convenient choices for the office, and you should always look for those that seem professional and suitable for work-related settings.

You may also consider jumpsuits since they can provide a classy office-chic look. If you're wearing sleeveless models, ensure you're wearing them with a blazer, jacket, or a duster.

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6 Essential Tips for Creating a Budget-Friendly Work Wardrobe

Building a functional and stylish work wardrobe doesn't need to be as pricey as it sounds. The key is finding chic yet versatile items you can wear over and over again but in different styles and outfits.

We have prepared a brief yet comprehensive guide to choosing the best budget-friendly and stylish clothes for making unique and simple work outfits.

1.    Invest in Essential Pieces

It’s always better to have a smaller wardrobe with functional and versatile clothes than a big closet with poorly adequate items. If you cannot afford to buy all the stuff at once, do the shopping gradually – every few weeks, for instance.

Make sure you invest in high-quality clothes since they usually last much longer than cheap items. That said, spend more money on blazers, pencil skirts, top-notch pants, and similar stuff inspired by classic fashion.

2.    Keep It Simple

When it comes to business clothes, always consider simpler choices and neutral colors. That way, you’ll have more outfit options you can pair in many different ways.

3.    Don’t Go for Overpriced Stuff

A common misconception is that expensive clothes are high-quality. Well, that's not always true. Famous fashion stores offer clothes that carry a hefty price tag, and you should stay away from them – still, you can come back when there is a sale!

4.    Do Your Shopping Online

Shopping online has a lot of benefits, especially now, during the pandemic. HeyYou Women’s Fashion store participates in the global effort to stop the spread of coronavirus, which is why all our sales are online. And there’s good news – order anything you like and get free shipping on all US purchases!

5.    Most Importantly: Be Yourself

No matter what you choose in the end, it’s essential to be yourself. Don’t get intimidated by the professional wear other women are wearing – if you prefer casual, don’t be afraid to go for it.