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What to Wear to a Beach Wedding: Top 10 Attire Ideas for Women

When someone says "beach weddings," we can feel the sand on our feet and hear the sound of waves. Still, if you're invited to a beach wedding, you must have other things in mind – presents, hair, makeup, and of course, the right attire.

Choosing the best beach wedding attire can be quite a complex task, especially if the couple wants you to stick to a particular dress code. Beach weddings require more effort than the "regular" ceremonies held indoors, primarily because of the weather, which plays a significant role in beach wedding planning.

If you’re looking forward to attending the upcoming event, take a look at the top 10 beach wedding guest dresses and outfits and pick your favorite one at HeyYou.

1.    Cowl Neck Satin Slip Dress

This satin stunner is an ideal choice for beach weddings for various reasons. It’s sexy, attractive, and made from high-quality satin that delivers a significant dose of comfort and style even if you’re absorbing the sunlight. It’s available in a wide range of colors – crème, emerald green, purple, silver, and slate. Pick your favorite head-turning jewel tone and get the party started.
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2.    Cowl Neck Satin Slip Midi Dresse

Imagine the longer version of the previously mentioned piece. And guess what? We have it. This item features all the details that you have seen on its shorter version, including an exciting back opening that provides this dress with a touch of uniqueness and sophistication.

3.    Coral Open Back Ruffle Dress

Coral Open Back Ruffle Dress
What’s better than a wavy floral dress with open back? It’s a truly perfect choice for beach wedding ceremonies since it’s made from lightweight materials and provides enough breathability for spending time on the sun. Besides, the dress is pretty sexy and uniquely designed.
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4.    Teal Polka Dot Ruched Front Tank Dresse

Teal Polka Dot Ruched Front Tank Dresse
The jaw-dropping duo consists of a flattering silhouette and fun, flirty patterns, which are the most prominent details on this dress. Pair it with cute sandals and a straw hat to achieve a luxurious yet comfortable beach wedding attire for female guests.

5.    Striped Off the Shoulder Dress in Sand Stone

Beach wedding guest dresses in the sandstone color are a definition of impeccable style and a real summer staple. Enhance it with compelling jewelry in goldish tones, and you're more than ready for the beach ceremony.

6.    Fuchsia and Black Asymmetric Floral Dress

A unique floral pattern applied to the vibrant pink tone is more than compelling. This dress features the asymmetrical hem with a long, wavy finish on the right, and a shorter mid-thigh cut on the left. Adjustable straps and soft, lightweight fabric are other details for which you’ll love this formal beach dress.

7.    Floral Strappy Slip Dress

Floral Strappy Slip Dress
Take a look at another floral piece that won’t go unnoticed at the ceremony. This simple yet fabulous dress emphasizes the summer spirit while making sure you feel incredibly relaxed and fresh. It can be nicely paired with heeled sandals and statement jewelry for a more elevated overall apparel.
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8.    Straight Neck Jumpsuit in White

Straight Neck Jumpsuit in White
Not into dresses? No worries, we have something you might love. A Straight Neck Jumpsuit in White is a head-turning piece that brings a dose of formality while providing an immersive amount of comfort you deserve. Pair it with nice shoes and put on some jewelry to take your beach formal attire to the next level.
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9.    Twist Front High-Low Top in Paint Splash Print + High-Waisted Suiting Short

Beach wedding attire for guests can also consist of a stunning top and suiting shorts, as long as the dress code allows it (we'll talk about that later). Such apparel is suitable for outdoor ceremonies since it's breathable, extremely fashion-forward, and, most importantly, effortlessly chic.

10.    Strapless Midi Bodycon Dress

You’ll never go wrong with a simple yet head-turning piece such as a strapless midi bodycon dress. It’s quite a sophisticated item that features all the details that will emphasize your flattering shape and provide you with the level of confidence you have never experienced before.

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding as a Guest Based on the Dress Code?

There is a big difference between a beach wedding attire and a beach wedding dress code. Note that even if the ceremony is held on the beach, a couple may require the invitees to wear particular apparel that matches the wedding's theme and decorations.

The couples often mention the dress code on the invitation. You’ll probably see one of the following:

Beach Formal

When there’s a beach formal dress code “assigned,” you may go for formal beach dresses in solid, lighter colors and breathable materials. A jumpsuit or tea-length dresses are pretty convenient for such a dress code, and when it comes to shoes, you won’t go wrong with chunky heels or formal sandals. Also, don’t forget to bring a formal pair of heels for the reception if it’s not on the beach.

Beach Semi-Formal (Cocktail Dress Code)

Semi-formal beach wedding attire gives you more choices. You can opt for a cocktail dress or jumpsuit, and you can even consider adding some prints and colors. However, your overall look shouldn't be too casual – therefore, choose tea-length or maxi skirts or dresses, and pair them with dressy sandals, chunky heels, or wedges.

Beach Casual

Beach casual is the most relaxed dress code since it allows many outfit variations suitable for a beach setting. That said, you can wear a simple sundress, breezy maxi dress, or a high-quality romper. Dressy sandals are an acceptable shoe option, while standard, beachwear flip flops should be avoided.

7 Things to Consider When Choosing Beach Wedding Outfits

Beach weddings are unique and different from regular indoor receptions, which is why their planning goes beyond the standard procedures. Both the couple and wedding guests have to think about various factors their attire will depend on and other essential aspects of their overall look.

Here are the 7 critical factors you should have in mind when picking your perfect beach wedding dress:

1.    Weather

Although the beach tends to be warm and breezy, you are never 100% sure whether the storm will creep up or the heatwave will make you sweat in your sundress. It's always better to check the weather and prepare for the occasion entirely. Still, since beach weddings are mostly held in summer, you won't go wrong with light fabrics such as chiffon, linen, organza, or cotton blends.

2.    Color

Light and bright colors are a perfect solution for beach weddings. Feel free to include some print and floral patterns to your attire and make sure it’s as sunny as the beach setting with the crystal water and warm sand.

3.    Formality Levels

We have already mentioned the dress code, which is a significant factor that impacts your final choice when it comes to the outfit. Read the invitation carefully and check for the dress code before you start shopping for the apparel. You don't want to attend a formal wedding in a casual style.

4.    Accessories

You can always boost your overall attire with some cute accessories such as jewelry and clutch bags. Headscarf or hair clips are convenient if you're pulling your hair back.

5.    Shoes

The very idea of wearing shoes at beach weddings may sound nonsense, but you should know that shoes form an integral part of the beach wedding attire. Still, don’t expect high heels or stilettos since these may be difficult to walk in, but the solution worth considering includes dressy ballet flats or gladiator sandals – they are both comfortable and stylish.

6.    Hairstyle

Breezy beaches may be inconvenient for most hairstyles. You don’t want flyaway hairs getting in your face and sticking to your lipstick, which is why we recommend pinning your hair back with a stylish clip or bobby pins or making an updo to keep your hair off your neck and in place.

7.    Makeup

Makeup is an essential part of your overall look, so you need to pay special attention to it. Still, a beach wedding is not the right place to wear heavy makeup – increased sweat may affect your eye makeup and foundation, resulting in smudging and bad look.
Natural makeup is a go-to choice, and it can make a statement even if it's not too prominent. Consider eyeliner, pale pink or coral lipstick, waterproof mascara or false lashes, and a makeup setting spray to keep everything in place.

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