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16 Ultimate Wedding Guests Outfit Ideas (2020 Edition)

Spring is known for being a wedding season. Women are usually eager to be guests during someone’s most special day, but the very thought of the fact that you need to find something exclusive to wear for such an occasion brings a dose of stress.

Most wedding guests choose their wedding attire depending on the wedding dress code, which is usually determined by couples. That way, they need to find something in line with the wedding type and the couple’s preferences. If there is no particular dress code, you may choose something that you like and in which you feel confident and comfortable. Although women often pick dresses as their wedding outfit, sometimes skirts and tops, jumpsuits, and even suits can look incredibly gorgeous on them.

To help you find the perfect wedding guest outfit, we have prepared the list of the 16 best items that may be convenient for the type of wedding you’re attending soon.

What are the Best Dresses to Wear to a Wedding?

The best way to find an ideal dress for a wedding is to determine whether there is a specific dress code you should stick to. The dress code is often found on the invitation, at its bottom right, or its bottom center, and it clearly states that a guest shouldn’t wear a randomly chosen dress or suit but something that matches the entire wedding theme.

Some of the most common dress codes for weddings include the following:
  • Casual: When the dress code is described as casual, it means that guests can practically wear anything they want. A simple summer dress with a floral pattern can be a perfect choice for a lady that wants to be casual and cute at the same time.
  • Cocktail attire: Cocktail attire includes something that's between formal and casual – semi-formal, in a word. Cocktail dresses are an excellent solution for women that want to enhance their style and look fabulous at the ceremony.
  • Beach formal: Beach weddings are an extremely classy occasion in which everyone truly enjoys. To make sure you fulfill the dress code’s requirements, we suggest you go for a formal summer sundress paired with flats – you’ll be cute, elegant, and comfy at the same time, which is crucial.
  • Black tie optional: One of the most popular wedding dress codes today include black tie optional, which indicates that the wedding is going to be in the formal wedding attire, but that it's optional for the guests. It means that the guests can choose whether they want to stick with the formal apparel or want to go for something else. Still, we recommend a floor-length dress or an evening suit for such occasions.
  • Black tie: When you see “black tie” on the wedding invitation that you got, it means that women will be wearing formal gowns of any length.
  • White tie: The white tie is the most formal of all the dress codes you can find at weddings, which means that you should expect to see a lot of full-length ball gowns and long-tail tuxedos (men). Such weddings are quite luxurious and fabulous, and you'll be lucky to attend one.
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16 Dresses for Weddings to Go For in 2020

We have prepared an ultimate list of the 16 wedding guest dresses that may help you find your perfect attire for the ceremony. Let’s begin.

1. A Universal Wedding Attire: Basic Black Midi Bodycon Dress

A Basic Black Midi Bodycon Dress is a piece that you can wear to different types of weddings and look fantastic. It's a fantastic item due to its simplicity and elegance, which are the crucial details that make a dress classy. It has a square neck, a perfect midi length, a subtle sheen, and many other elements that make sure you wear this dress with confidence.

2. A Classy Wedding Attire: Emerald Cowl Neck Satin Slip Dress

To enhance your sexiness and take your look to a whole new level, we suggest you consider an Emerald Cowl Neck Satin Slip Dress. It’s quite an alluring piece that comes in different jewel tones that will definitely make a statement. The satin fabric and a draped neckline make this dress an ideal solution for weddings that require cocktail attire; pair it with killer stilettos and cute earrings, and you'll be a real gem at the ceremony.

3. Dresses for Wedding Guest with Style: Lavender Cowl Neck Satin Slip Midi Dress

If you like the previous suggestion, you'll also love its longer version – a Lavender Cowl Neck Satin Slip Midi Dress. It’s an amazing dress that’s convenient for different types of semi-formal occasions, including weddings that feature such a style. Its flirty back detail makes it unique and attractive, and any woman that wears it will feel fabulous in her skin. It also comes in black and pink colors.

4. Unique Guest Wedding Dresses: Off White Draped Sleeve Mini Dress

If you’re looking for a unique and classy dress in which you’ll look and feel like a true diva, we have a solution for you – an Off White Draped Sleeve Mini Dress. It’s featured by a high neckline, back tie closure, and draped split sleeves, which are essential details that make this dress an outstanding choice for semi-formal weddings where elegance meets attractiveness. The dress is also available in the classy black color.

5. Affordable Wedding Guest Dresses: Basic Crème Strapless Midi Bodycon Dress

Although we want to find a beautiful and luxurious dress, we don’t always want to spend a fortune on it. If you want your dress to be sexy and sophisticated, but also affordable, then a Basic Crème Strapless Midi Bodycon Dress is the right solution for you. It enhances your silhouette and provides a significant dose of comfort thanks to its high-quality soft knit fabric and stretch fit.

6. Sexy Wedding Guest Dresses: White Apron Mini Dress

A wedding ceremony held during the hot summer day on the beach must be completed with a White Apron Mini Dress. It's a sexy yet classy piece that bares skin in all the right places, making sure you look appropriate and attractive. It's made of excellent satin material, it's fully lined, and it comes in various hot color options suitable for summertime and outdoor parties that require a dose of style. Apart from a high neckline and a hidden zip closure, you'll also like a little party in the back!

7. Formal Wedding Guest Dresses: Champagne Front Slit Bustier Dress

When you need to embrace a formal style, go for a Champagne Front Slit Bustier Dress. It’s a fantastic dress for wedding that features a semi-formal/formal style where all the guests will be beautifully dressed. Apart from being fabulous, this dress is quite supportive due to the underwire cups. It's a classy and attractive dress that will boost your confidence, and a front slit leg opening will make sure you don't go unnoticed. It also comes in the black color.

8. Cute Wedding Guest Dresses: Fuchsia and Black Asymmetric Floral Dress

Asymmetrical dresses are an inevitable piece of the summer collection 2020, which is why you need to find one like a Fuchsia and Black Asymmetric Floral Dress. It’s an excellent choice for casual and beach weddings since it’s made of quite a lightweight material and vernal pattern excellent for warm weather and ceremonies that don't require a great amount of gloss. It also comes in a black/cream pattern option, which is convenient for girls that find pink too aggressive.

9. Beautiful Dresses to Wear to a Wedding: Natural Off the Shoulder Ruched Sleeve Mini Dress

A flirty and compelling Natural Off the Shoulder Ruched Sleeve Mini Dress is a unique item that is ideal for occasions such as semi-formal weddings. It's characterized by sheer ruched sleeves, a non-slip silicone neckline, a cute mini length cut, and a hidden back zip closure. All these details will make sure you’re the center of attention, especially since they allow you to enrich your overall look with a pair of classy strappy shoes and killer jewelry. If you’re in the mood for darker colors, we have good news – this dress is also available the black tone.

10. A Sweet and Unique Dress for Wedding Guest: Light Pink Mini Dress with Pleated Sleeves

If you do want to be noticed at a wedding, a Light Pink Mini Dress with Pleated Sleeves is the right choice for you. Thanks to its mysterious high neckline and dramatic pleated sleeves, this dress will make a strong impression on other wedding guests for sure. Pair it with bombastic pumps and statement earrings, and you’ll achieve an incredible look everyone is craving for.

11. Dresses for Wedding with Style: Off White Off the Shoulder Midi Pencil Dress

To achieve a powerful yet effortless look, you can't wait to show, you should take a look at an Off White Off the Shoulder Midi Pencil Dress. It's quite a classy piece that will make sure you look sexy and sophisticated at the same time. You'll love the details such as off-the-shoulder design, a midi length cut, and sheer balloon sleeves, which give this dress a dose of intrigue. It also comes in black color, which is suitable for black-tie weddings.

12. Subtle but Sexy Wedding Guest Outfits: Coral Open Back Ruffle Dress

At first glance, a Coral Open Back Ruffle Dress seems quite basic, but if you take a closer look, you’ll notice that the dress is everything but that. It’s quite a head-turning piece featured by the sheer material, sexy open back, and an exquisite print that’s suitable for wedding ceremonies. Elastic cuffs, a full lining, and a unique asymmetrical design are other details that will make you love this subtle yet sexy wedding guest dress.

13. Beach Guest Wedding Dresses: Red Blossom Off the Shoulder Ruffle Dress

A little red dress such as a Red Blossom Off the Shoulder Ruffle is an amazing choice for beach weddings and ceremonies held outdoors. It's a cute piece that features a flirty off-the-shoulder design, a lovely ruffle trim, and a gorgeous sheer floral fabric that gives this dress a significant dose of femininity and spring vibe. A pair of flat sandals or smaller heels will complete such an outfit and take your overall look to the next level.

14. Lace Dresses for a Wedding Guest: Lavender Cap Sleeve Lace Dress

Lace is always a convenient solution for semi-formal and formal occasions, which is why we highly recommend a Lavender Cap Sleeve Lace Dress. It will accentuate your perfect body shape and enhance your style with a dose of femininity and elegance. This dress is special because of its stunning cap sleeves, a crew neck cut, hidden back zip closure, a full lining, and the high-quality material that makes you feel quite comfy as you’re wearing it. It also comes in the marine color, which is another classy option if you love jewel tones.

15. Wild Dresses for a Wedding Guest: Fringe Cut Out Mini Dress in Off White

To express your free spirit and love for fashion trends of the roaring 1920s, we suggest you opt for a Fringe Cut Out Mini Dress in Off White. A fringe detail is the one that draws most of the attention, and it's an element that makes this dress unique and sexy. Other features that you may like include a flirty mini length, a cold shoulder design, front and back cut-outs, and a back hidden zipper closure. The dress is available in the black color as well, and both tones can be perfectly paired with cute silver jewelry and adequate heels.

16. Other Wedding Outfit Ideas: Straight Neck Jumpsuit

Not every girl is a fan of dresses, which is OK. If you're one of them, take a look at a Straight Neck Jumpsuit, which comes in three stunning colors – red, black, and white. It’s a classy garment convenient for diverse types of weddings, and its most significant advantage is the fact that every girl will look amazing in it. It can be enhanced with jewelry, a blazer, and gorgeous stilettos to get a luxurious and sophisticated look that won’t go unnoticed.