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10 Best Sexy Formal Dresses to Boost Your Confidence and Style in 2020

Can a formal dress be sexy? Of course, it can. In fact, most formal dresses you can find today are enhanced by compelling details that increase the dress’s overall idea, and that’s something women love.

Formal dress code is something you’ll probably see at weddings, Easter and Christmas traditions, business events, and other occasions that come with a ceremonial spirit. It applies to both men and women, but since we're talking about girls, we’ll stick to the formal dresses they should wear at these particular events.

Although they are generally considered conservative, formal dresses can be incredibly sexy. Therefore, we’ve prepared a list of top 10 sexy formal dresses convenient for a wide variety of ceremonies that require a formal dress code. Let’s get started.

Sexy Formal Dresses for Women: 10 Best Models to Buy in 2020

When it comes to formal dress code, women are usually expected to wear a floor-length gown, a knee-length cocktail dress, or a little black dress. You are encouraged to complete your style with a pair of fabulous heels, a clutch, and appropriate accessories (jewelry). If you feel more comfortable in a dressy suit, you may go for it instead of a dress.

Let’s see some of the best sexy formal dresses you can buy at HeyYou Women’s Fashion:

1. Sexy Semi Formal Dress: Cowl Neck Satin Slip Dress ($78.00)

A knee-length cocktail dress that will boost your confidence and make you look fantastic is a Cowl Neck Satin Slip Dress. It’s one of those cocktail dresses suitable for different formal and semi-formal occasions. It’s available in other colors and tones – from classic ones to jewel tones, you can opt for the one that suits you and expresses your personality the best.

The satin fabric and an ideally draped neckline are the details that make this dress sexy and suitable for nights out and events that require an extra dose of formality.

2. Midi Sexy Formal Dress: Cowl Neck Satin Slip Midi Dress ($98.00)

If you would like a longer version of the previous model, we have one! Take a closer look at a Cowl Neck Satin Slip Midi Dress, which comes in three gorgeous tones that will fit you perfectly. You’ll not only look fantastic in this dress, but you’ll also feel extremely confident and comfortable – the satin fabric and perfectly draped neckline will ensure a good feeling.

3. Sexy Short Formal Dresses: Apron Mini Dress ($68.00)

Apron Mini Dress is a sexy and unique piece that will take your look to the next level, no matter where you are. It bares skin in all the right places, making sure you feel comfortable as you’re wearing it. Although it seems simple and minimalistic, this dress boasts a high neckline, hidden back zipper closure, and a variety of color options among which you can choose. Besides, it comes with a little party in the back!

4. Sexy Black Formal Dresses: Basic Strapless Midi Bodycon Dress ($58.00)

Minimalism is another way of expressing your sexiness in a formal dress. You won’t go wrong with a Basic Strapless Midi Bodycon Dress, which is a sophisticated and a head-turning piece that enhances your curves and accentuates your flawless silhouette. It’s quite comfortable thanks to its soft knit fabric, and you’ll look and feel fabulous in it.

Pair it with cute jewelry and stilettos to complete the look and make it more polished.

5. Sexy Red Formal Dresses: Burgundy Open Back Ruffle Dress ($118.00)

Red and burgundy are considered the sexiest colors, which is why your perfect choice may be a Burgundy Open Back Ruffle Dress. There is nothing subtle about it – it features compelling prints, sheer material, and the sexy open back, which are the details that make sure you’re the center of attention.

Other fine details include a full lining, elastic cuffs, and a unique asymmetrical design that will help you create the admirable look everyone will remember.
Burgundy Open Back Ruffle Dress

6. Sexy White Formal Dress: Natural Off-the-Shoulder Ruched Sleeve Mini Dress ($98.00)

A flirty, off-the-shoulder Natural Off-the-Shoulder Ruched Sleeve Mini Dress with sheer ruched sleeves is an ideal choice for formal events in which you want to accentuate your sexiness and flawless style. You’ll feel quite comfortable in it thanks to a non-slip silicone neckline, which will prevent any potential inconveniences due to slippage.Other highlights you may find convenient are an appropriate mini-length cut, a hidden back zip closure, and two neutral color choices.

7. Sexy Long Formal Dresses: Asymmetric Floral Dress ($88.00)

Although it isn’t as long as it may sound at first, an Asymmetric Floral Dress is a dress you must have during the classy events during summer. The dress comes in two color options, and it's enhanced by adjustable straps and a lightweight fabric that provides an elevated dose of comfort and breathability.
Asymmetric Floral Dress

8. Sexy Formal Evening Dresses: Front Slit Bustier Dress ($88.00)

It’s essential to find a formal dress that’s both sexy and supportive – a Front Slit Bustier Dress, for example. Apart from being exceptionally comfortable, this dress is quite attractive thanks to a front slit opening and underwire cups that provide an extra dose of support. It comes in two colors – champagne and black – and each of them will fit you perfectly.

9. Classy and Formal Sexy Dresses: Off-the-Shoulder Midi Pencil Dress ($118.00)

Have a look at another sexy black formal dress suitable for a variety of ceremonies where you want to shine to your best. An Off-the-Shoulder Midi Pencil Dress is a midi-length head-turning piece that makes a statement and brings a positive vibe to your overall look. Features that you may find interesting are sheer balloon sleeves, a hidden back zipper closure, and the fact that you can choose between black and white color.
Off-the-Shoulder Midi Pencil Dress

10. Bold and Sexy Semi Formal Dresses: Ruched Front Tank Dress ($88.00)

A flattering silhouette, flirty patterns, and a flawless design are the details that can be found on a Ruched Front Tank Dress. It comes in two marvelous designs enhanced by a ruched drawstring detail in the front, a deep V-line cut, and ruffle trim – overall, it’s a dress that will ensure a great feeling and amazing look.

Formal Dress Code in Detail: How to Choose an Adequate Sexy Formal Dress?

Dress code is something you often find on a wedding invitation. A married couple sometimes expresses a particular desire regarding their guests' outfits, and you're expected to stick to their plans. So, what are your options when you see a formal dress code on the invitation?

Formal dress code is something between black tie (extremely elegant) and cocktail attire (semi-formal). That said, ladies are expected to wear a long or a short formal dress, a pantsuit, or dressy separates in order to fulfill the formal dress code requirements.

Consider these six tips on how to find an appropriate item for the upcoming event:

1. Determine Your Budget

It's vital to know how much money you're ready to spend on a formal dress. These models are available at all prices – from $50 to several hundred dollars or more. Therefore, you should determine the exact amount of money that you want to spend to prevent additional costs you tried to avoid in the first place and to narrow your choices.

2. Choose a Color

You'll find a dress much easier when you know what color you're looking for. Besides, the entire process of choosing will be done much more quickly, and you're more likely to find a model that meets your needs without wasting your valuable time.

3. Consider the Event You’re Attending

The event you're attending plays a significant role in picking an ideal dress. Not all the events bring the same dose of formality, which is why you need to consider the facts such as whether there will be dancing or not, is it business-related, whether it's black-tie event and more. That way, you'll pick the right dress that fits the occasion’s level of formality.

4. Pick a Style

It's always better to stick to your style when choosing a formal dress. Loose, tight, long, short, minimalistic, or with more detail – it's up to you. Consider all the facts regarding the apparel – fabrics, design, and length before you go to a store or order one from an online shop in order to find a model that fits you perfectly quicker and with more efficiency.

5. Go for What Fits You the Best

If you like the dress you see on someone else, it doesn't mean that you'll look the same. Every woman has a unique figure and body shape, which is why you should follow yours in order to look fabulous in a formal dress you've picked.

6. Enhance Your Look with Accessories

A perfect formal dress will look even better when you complete the look with jewelry, a bag, and a pair of killer heels. Even if you're wearing the most minimalistic model, it will look fabulous when enhanced with adequate accessories.