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Preppy Fashion In-Detail + 6 Super-Stylish Tips for Picking the Best Preppy Clothes for Women

To achieve an always-on-trend preppy look, you should have in mind the three ideas – crisp, clean, and classic flair. The preppy style consists of simple yet polished outfits women can wear at any time. Stylish preppy outfits are easy to create, but there are some fashion rules you should follow in order to craft an ultra-modern style that won’t go unnoticed.

A key to achieving preppy style lies in mastering the colors, patterns, and garment choices to create layers that reflect refined taste inspired by the latest fashion trends. Although it might sound challenging at first, don’t worry – once you understand the concept of preppy style, you’ll craft fantastic apparel in no time.

Let’s see how to look preppy with the 6 best outfit choices from HeyYou.

What is Preppy Style?

The term preppy primarily refers to a subculture in the United States, closely associated with the characteristics of students at college preparatory schools. Prep subculture was characterized by a particular speech, fashion, vocabulary, etiquette, etc.

Preppy fashion is present in both men and women. While men may enjoy stripes and colors, plaid shirts, nautical-themed accessories, etc., a preppy woman is inspired by tailored skirt suits, low heels, silk or cotton blouses, wrap dresses, and elegant jewelry.

A preppy look reflects classic evergreen fashion suitable for many social settings. But don’t forget to bring your politeness and positive attitude to an event to show your true preppy nature and complete your fabulous style.

How to Look Preppy: 6 Essential Tips for Seizing the Latest Trends in Preppy Fashion

There are specific "rules" that may help you achieve a classic preppy style you can wear on different occasions and social gatherings. Preppy fashion is about choosing the right colors, patterns, and garments, which will be used to craft a refined outfit inspired by this subculture.

Let’s take a look at the 6 useful tips for going preppy and see the best examples of this never-fading style.

1.    Keep It Simple

Generally speaking, preppy outfits are simple, well-thought-out, and smart. Therefore, you should opt for solid colors, classic patterns (plaid, polka dot, houndstooth), and more conservative clothing. On the other hand, it’s essential to avoid revealing items, too bright colors, and many layers that would create busy and messy outfits.

Cardigans, blazers, and subtle accessories are something you should consider when choosing preppy clothes. These garments allow you to create polished layers and achieve a feminine style inspired by Kate Middleton and other fashion icons worldwide.

This is an excellent example of preppy style women would love to try. A brown houndstooth, which is an always-on-trend print, perfectly combined with a white turtleneck, is a look that conquers the streets, social settings, and any occasion that requires a dose of elegance and refined flair. This outfit also shows the art of layering, which is simple yet stunning.

2.    Dress Preppy for Outdoor Activities

Spending time outdoors will boost your productivity and make you more physically active. You can do various outdoor activities during fall and winter, but you're mistaken if you think that you can’t look good while performing them. You can dress preppy even if you go hiking, and the key to achieving such style lies in picking the right items, including accessories.
Choose an astonishing Off White Faux Leather Fringe Western Dress and convert it to a jacket you can wear while spending time outside. This unique and versatile piece works perfectly with solid-colored outfits, creating an ultra-modern look that will keep you stylish and warm. Pair it with a scarf, a hat, cowboy boots, and a pair of fab sunglasses to complete your apparel.

3.    Pair a Sweater with a Skirt

A nice, cozy sweater is a crucial part of your preppy clothes. Apart from wearing it with jeans or pants, you may choose to style it with a mini, midi, or maxi skirt to achieve an incredibly chic look to keep you warm and great-looking throughout the day.
An urban and in-style look consisting of a white cropped sweater and a mini skirt in brown houndstooth is an excellent choice to spread the weekend vibe. Pair it with high boots, a small purse, and pieces of subtle and cute jewelry to take your preppy style to the next level.

4.    Have at Least One Chic Blazer in Your Wardrobe

A blazer is another essential item that you need to create fabulous preppy outfits. Blazers come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs, and those in neutral tones and classy patterns should be your top choices for crafting preppy apparel.

Chic blazers allow you to make casual, elegant, and classic looks that won’t go unnoticed. You can wear a preppy blazer with jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, or dresses, while you have a broad range of accessories to enrich your outfit with.

A Brown Double-Breasted Plaid Blazer is a gorgeous piece in which you’ll look polished and in line with the fashion trends that never fade. You can wear it in many different ways, depending on the style you want to follow and your goal. Jeans are, for example, excellent for casual yet chic looks, while skirts and pants in the same pattern may provide a sophisticated look you can wear at the office, business dinner, or a classy social event.

5.    Go for Faux Leather Pieces

Garments in faux leather are a convenient year-round choice you can pick whenever you want to enhance your look. A faux leather jacket can create many effortlessly chic outfits, while skirts or dresses made of this animal-friendly material can be an ideal choice whenever you want to make your apparel more attractive.
Whenever you want to hit the streets with style, we suggest you opt for a look inspired by a classy midi dress in a polka dot pattern, a faux leather jacket, and cute ankle boots. This is an ultra-modern look that reflects high style while boosting your confidence and comfort.
Find more faux leather clothes at HeyYou Women’s Fashion and add them to your preppy closet.

6.    Wear a Classic Trench Coat

A trench coat can elevate any woman’s look while keeping her warm and cozy during chillier weather. Apart from being suitable for cold and rainy days, a trench coat is a chic and versatile closet staple you can wear on different occasions and over any basic outfit. Scarves, jewelry, sunglasses, and different accessories can be a perfect addition to your trench coat style.
A classic Black Tailored Trench Coat with a collared neck, self-belt at the waist, and slant side pockets can create numerous preppy clothing styles you can wear during fall, winter, and 60-degree weather conditions. We are talking about a wardrobe essential that never goes out of style but deserves a place in every girl’s closet.

Accessories – The Holy Grail of Preppy Stylee

You can have the most stylish pieces of preppy clothes, but your style won’t be complete unless you throw on a couple of the right accessories. For instance:


When it comes to jewelry, you won’t go wrong with pearls. You can complete your preppy outfit with pearl necklaces and earrings, but if you don’t prefer pearls, we suggest you go for a statement golden or silver necklace.

Handbags and Hats

Handbags and hats are among the most common prep accessories for ladies. They can elevate your style by making it classier and more refined, especially if you’re wearing a simple outfit. Go for handbags and hats in black, brown, or other preppy colors that match your outfits to get the style inspired by in-vogue fashion magazines.


Headbands are adorable, classic accessories you can wear with many outfits. It won’t overpower your outfit but keep it quite simple, especially if you go for pieces that aren’t too bold.

When shopping for headbands, go for red polka dots, nautical themes, or a similar preppy pattern. Avoid vibrant and fluorescent shades, as well as big and prominent details.