22 Cute Night Out Outfits for Spring and Summer 2020

going out outfits
Stay away from the girl that KNOWS what to wear, they once said. That’s the joke, obviously, but the truth is that most women never have the idea what to wear for a night out, no matter how big their wardrobe is.

Still, there are doubts when it comes to buying new clothes, as well. We are almost never sure whether the skirt should be shorter or longer, whether the jeans are too ripped, should we buy something more casual or more elegant, etc. The decisions are tough, we must admit.

Most of the clothes we already have can be nicely paired and used for creating many different attires, which is why we're going to give you some night out outfits ideas that can be turned into reality quite quickly. Let's see the 22 ultimate examples.

Animal Prints

Most girls agree that the night out outfits should be alluring and different from the ones we tend to wear during the day. That said, you shouldn’t be afraid of choosing the garments with animal print, which has always been a convenient pattern for parties and the clubs.

If paired with lovely pieces, animal print can be quite cute and sophisticated – for example:

1. Pink Cheetah Print High Neck Satin Short Sleeve Top + Plum Faux Patent Leather High-Waisted Mini Skirt + Red Oversized Button Up Tweed Shirt

Red Oversized Button Up Tweed Shirt
Such a style is convenient for casual night outs with girlfriends, and it is suitable for chillier summer and spring nights. It can be nicely paired with heels or boots and a tiny clutch.

2. Snake Print Open Back Ruffle Dress

Snake Print Open Back Ruffle Dress
Dresses are among the most common going out clothes girls often choose. They come in various prints and patterns, and you won’t go wrong with the ones that come in animal print. Snake Print Open Back Ruffle Dress could be your choice for night outs during spring or summer, and it will definitely ensure you’re the center of attention.

3. Ivory Leopard Print Long Sleeve Cropped Blouse

Blouses with animal print can add a dose of extravagance to your usual going out outfit. If you pair Ivory Leopard Print Long Sleeve Cropped Blouse with jeans, heels, and leather jacket, you’ll look gorgeous without much effort.

4. Black Leopard Satin Slip Mini Skirt + HeyYou Basic Cropped Tee in White

Cute night out outfits often start with flirty skirts and lovely tees. Such outfits are always the right option since they are simple but effective, and almost every girl finds them convenient for different occasions.

Pick Black Leopard Satin Slip Mini Skirt and pair it with HeyYou Basic Cropped Tee in White, and you’re ready for the weekend.

5. HeyYou Basic Black Ribbed Crew Neck Midi Dress + Leopard Faux Fur Jacket

Spring is almost here, but the temperatures are still tricky – that said, you should consider some outerwear when going out, and what could be better than Leopard Faux Fur Jacket? Apart from protecting you from cold, this jacket is quite stylish and trendy.

You can wear it over a HeyYou Basic Black Ribbed Crew Neck Midi Dress, or virtually any other monochromatic garment, and look fabulous.


Bodysuits are versatile pieces of clothes that create different types of outfits, depending on the garments you pair them with. They are convenient for summer when you can wear them with shorts or jeans, but they can also be the right choice for other seasons when you can wear a blazer or jacket over them.

Bodysuits come in different colors and designs, and every girl should have one in her closet just in case she runs out of going out outfits ideas.

1. HeyYou Basic Strappy Bodysuit + Black Faux Leather Button Front Mini Skirt + Black Flannel Cowboy Duster

Black Flannel Cowboy Duster
Here comes the proof that HeyYou Basic Strappy Bodysuit can do more than some more exclusive garments. Paired with a Black faux Leather Button Front Mini Skirt and Black Flannel Cowboy Duster, it creates a great night out outfit every girl will find gorgeous.

2. HeyYou Basic Penny Strappy Bodysuit + Shorts

A pair of shorts and HeyYou Basic Penny Strappy Bodysuit will create one of the cutest casual night out outfits you'll love. Such apparel is suitable for summer and parties held outdoors, and the best thing about it is that you can pair it with both heels and flats (even sneakers) and look extremely hot.

3. HeyYou Basic Cherrybomb Off the Shoulder Bodysuit + Jeans

HeyYou Basic Cherrybomb Off the Shoulder Bodysuit is a unique and sexy garment that’s a great solution for night outs. Its color is powerful and attractive, which means that you’ll look hot in it even if you wear a simple pair of jeans or pants with it.

Bright & Neon Colors

Bright and neon colors speak for the summer, and garments in such tones are more than convenient for parties and going outs. Tanks and dresses in pink, yellow, or green are here to emphasize your tanned skin and make you shine even during the night.

1. Key Lime Apron Mini Dress


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2. Hot Pink Cowl Neck Satin Slip Midi Dress

A hot pink color is never the wrong option for a night out, especially during the summer. This classy and elegant Hot Pink Cowl Neck Satin Slip Midi Dress can be a convenient choice for different occasions, especially since it allows you to enhance it with lovely jewelry, heels, and a clutch.

3. Emerald Cowl Neck Satin Cami Top

You’re not in the mood for a dress? Wear Emerald Cowl Neck Satin Cami Top and jeans, and you're ready to embrace the weekend vibes. Pick some heels, mini bags, and jewelry to complete this outfit and make it more alluring.

Garments with Lace

Lace has always been chic and delicate detail that's capable of taking the clothing to the next level. It can be very feminine and sexy, which means that it's quite suitable for night outs and formal dinners. Have a look at the following clothes enhanced with the lace and see how well they can fit.

1. Black Lace Hem Slip Dress

Black Lace Hem Slip Dress is classy apparel that can be suitable for both night outs with friends and cocktail parties. It has adjustable spaghetti straps and a flirty V-neck, but the truth is that the lace detail gives this dress a special effect.

2. Black and White Polka Dot Lace Cami Top

The combination of the polka dot pattern and the lace may remind you of the pinup style, which is extremely sexy. You can pair this Black and White Polka Dot Lace Cami Top with jeans or a skirt and achieve one of those going out looks that will be remembered for a long time.

3. Lavender Cap Sleeve Lace Dress

Lavender Cap Sleeve Lace Dress
If you want to look cute in the dress that emphasizes your perfect shape, you should have a look at this Lavender Cap Sleeve Lace Dress. A night out, dresses like this one are always on-trend, which means that you won't go wrong if you have such a piece in your wardrobe. It also comes in the emerald color that can be perfectly paired with silver accessories.

Mini Dresses & Miniskirts

We shouldn’t forget to mention mini dresses and miniskirts, which are a critical part of the majority of girls night out outfits. They both come in different colors and designs, and they are among the most fashionable outfits for evening occasions. Depending on your style and the type of occasion you're attending, you can choose between casual and formal garments that meet everyone’s needs.

1. Metallic Cap Sleeve Mini Dress

Metallic Cap Sleeve Mini Dress
Metallic Cap Sleeve Mini Dress is designed mainly for special occasions and night outs on the town. Its shiny and metallic finish will turn heads wherever you go, and it will make you feel attractive and confident. Due to its compelling design, this dress won't require you to wear too prominent jewelry or shoes – stick with the monochromatic accessories, and you'll look great.

2. HeyYou Basics Off White Mini Bodycon Dress

girls night out outfits
Apart from a little black dress, which is a must, every girl should have a little white dress in her closet, too. HeyYou Basics Off White Mini Bodycon Dress can be your cup of tea when it comes to simple but compelling garments, especially because it accentuates your curves and brings a dose of sophistication to your overall look.

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You can wear a mini dress even if you prefer a more casual night out style. Namely, this Indigo Cap Sleeve Mini Dress can be a perfect solution for those girls that want to feel relaxed and be stylish at the same time. The indigo color will accentuate your tan and provide your look with an entirely new dimension.

4. Black Ruched Mini Skirt

cute night out outfits
Miniskirts are something that can be both cute and delicate at the same time, depending on the look you want to achieve. A Black Ruched Mini Skirt could be one such garment. You can pair it with different types of tops, both sleeved and sleeveless, and a nice pair of shoes in order to look sexy and sophisticated during the night out with friends.

5. Silver Sequin Mini Skirt

going out outfits ideas
If you want to look compelling and express your sexiness, then a Silver Sequin Mini Skirt may be the right option for you. It’s quite an alluring piece of clothes that will make any woman look hot. If you pair it with Sequin Crop Top in Nude, you will create one of those incredibly sexy night out outfits.
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Crop Tops

Crop tops are often a crucial part of women’s going out outfits, primarily since they’re quite versatile. Crop tops can be excellent for both casual and elegant occasions, and they can enhance your sexiness more or less subtly. You can pair them with jeans, pants, shorts, or skirts. The shoes and jewelry will depend on the type of outfit you want.

1. Black Western Crop Top

going out outfits
No matter if you’re visiting Coachella or just going out with friends, Black Western Crop Top will be an adequate thing to wear. It’s enhanced with fringe and silver hardware details, which make this top unique and convenient for parties or other types of events that require some more compelling outfits.

2. HeyYou Basic Sand Snap-Front Ribbed Crop Top

womens going out outfits
Casual but alluring looks have always been among the sexiest going out outfits. HeyYou Basic Sand Snap-Front Ribbed Crop Top and a pair of jeans can make you look attractive without much effort, which is convenient for the nights when you want to accentuate your passion for simplicity.

3. HeyYou Basic Black Sleek Straight Neck Crop Top

going out clothes
If you prefer something that’s entirely simple and without extra details, we suggest you take a look at HeyYou Basic Black Sleek Straight Neck Crop Top. You can pair it with virtually anything that comes to your mind, including pants, jeans, skirt, or shorts, and you can always enhance it with a blazer or cardigan. This top is quite versatile and can vary from extremely casual to an exquisite piece of clothes, depending on what you choose to wear with it.