16 Ultimate Los Angeles Outfits: How to Embrace LA Style Like a Pro Throughout the Year?

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Los Angeles is famous for many things – Hollywood, Walk of Fame, celebrities, luxurious lifestyle, and fashion. Both men and women from all around the world have their fashion icons that come from the City of Angels, and that’s reasonable – no one dresses better than Angelenos.

Although it seems like a mission impossible, dressing like a real Angeleno might not be that hard. You just need to understand their nature and spirit, and the rest comes along. This post will reveal the secrets of timeless LA style that will serve as permanent inspiration for people from the fashion industry.

Have a look at the 16 most prominent LA outfits that will give you useful ideas on how to embrace the style of the most famous city in the state of California, depending on the season.

LA Outfits in Spring

Spring temperatures in LA are much more in line with summer, which means that you can enjoy warm weather and blue sky starting from early March. However, since it’s about a transitional season, you can expect occasional rainfalls.

Even lower temperatures are mild in LA, and generally speaking, it’s always sunny there.

Pastel colors and floral patterns are always welcome in spring, but you won’t be wrong even if you wear something black. It’s recommended to dress in layers since it may still be chilly outside – that said, leather jackets, blazers, fur coats, and hoodies should be at hand.

Here are some outfit ideas that will complete your spring in LA – you can expect skirts, jackets, hoodies, and more attractive attire options you will love.

1. Mauve Oversized Faux Fur Varsity Jacket

Mauve Oversized Faux Fur Varsity Jacket
If you come to LA during chillier days, you must have something fluffy to warm you up – Mauve Oversized Faux Fur Varsity Jacket, for example. This jacket is what we tend to call “teddy coat,” and it has been quite famous during this winter, and since it’s not as warm as a thick winter jacket, it can be a perfect solution for spring days in the City of Angels.

It’s pink and white, which makes it convenient for pairing with other garments. It goes perfectly with denim jeans, boots, and a mini bag. If you want to emphasize your LA style, you can put large sunglasses and earrings to complete the overall apparel.

2. Hot Pink Plaid Trucker Jacket + Hot Pink Plaid Mini Skirt

The outfit made of Hot Pink Plaid Trucker Jacket and Hot Pink Plaid Mini Skirt will make you look fabulous during day and night in LA. It's chic and stylish apparel that will enhance your attention to detail and make you the right person to walk on the paths of Hollywood.

The hot pink color is the right solution for all the women that can't wait for the summer to come. As for those that are more fall-spirited, there is the same outfit in a brown houndstooth pattern. Both prints are convenient for LA streets, and both can be paired with nice shoes and a clutch.

3. Plaid Cold Shoulder Blazer

Plaid Cold Shoulder Blazer
Bare shoulders are always in, especially when the sun is mildly shining. Why don’t you take a look at Plaid Cold Shoulder Blazer then? It’s created for spring days that announce the beginning of the summer, and it’s convenient for both casual and semi-formal occasions. Its pattern is timeless, but its design is pretty unique – in one word, perfect.

4. HeyYou Basic Slate Cropped Sweatshirt

HeyYou Basic Slate Cropped Sweatshirt
LA is not only about elegant and (semi)formal clothes but also casual and "street" looks. The garment that will definitely create such an LA outfit is HeyYou Basic Slate Cropped Sweatshirt.

Pair it with dark, ripped jeans, sneakers, and a backpack, and walk through Beverly Hills with confidence.

LA Outfits in Summer

Since temperatures in spring are summer-alike, what can we expect from an actual summer? Unbearably hotter weather, for sure.

Therefore, you’ll need a lot of breathable clothes – tank tops, bralettes, dresses, skirts, and other garments that are made of lightweight fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. As for shoes, sandals and sneakers are always welcome. If you don’t find them too uncomfortable, heels can be a great choice as well.

Accessories such as sunglasses and hats are more than convenient for LA style, and you can never have them too many, no matter if you’re heading to a hotel pool party or a typical night out.

1. Black and Cream Asymmetric Floral Dress

Asymmetrical dresses have always been trendy, which is why they can never be the wrong option for hot Californian days. Black and Cream Asymmetric Floral Dress is something worth considering if you're planning a pleasant day walk or night out with friends. It's attractive and comfortable, and you can pair it with heels or flats – the choice is yours.

Jewelry will complete this outfit and provide it with more elegance and sophistication, as well as a bright-colored mini bag.

2. Ivory Lace Cami Top

If you want to emphasize your tanned skin and look gorgeous on the roof party, check out this Ivory Lace Cami Top. The color of ivory is convenient for summer days and nights, and timeless lace detail adds a dose of elegance to the garment that might seem basic at first sight.

This top is something you should add to your LA style clothing if you want to highlight your youth and maturity at the same time. Pair it with jeans, heels, mini bag and earrings, and get ready to conquer the streets of LA.

3. Lavender Polka Dot Blouse + White High-Waisted Suiting Shorts

Lavender Polka Dot Blouse
White High Waisted Suiting Short
To create a look that's suitable for semi-formal summer events (and you want to wear anything but dress), you should pair the garments such as Lavender Polka Dot Blouse and White High-Waisted Suiting Shorts.

Such an outfit will make you feel gorgeous and attractive and in line with California fashion. Polka dot pattern brings a dose of retro style, which is always a good option when you want to emphasize your pin-up girl look.

4. Emerald Cowl Neck Satin Cami Top

Cami tops speak for summer, and they are quite versatile items you should definitely have in your summer collection. Have a look at Emerald Cowl Neck Satin Cami Top with a draped neckline and spaghetti straps. Such a top is an elegant piece of clothing that fits every woman, and it's convenient for different occasions.

No matter if you pair it with jeans, shorts, or a skirt, you'll look fabulous. Emerald color is quite trendy this year, and you shouldn't miss the opportunity to have emerald garments in your closet.

LA Outfits in Fall

Since it’s between summer and winter, fall can bring a lot of surprises in the LA. That said, you can expect both hot, sunny days and rainfalls, which will mostly depend on the month you come to Los Angeles.

The beginning of the fall may be adequate for tanks, tees, and breezy dresses, while the end of October might require some more layered outfits, maxi dresses, jackets, and long sleeves made of thicker fabrics.

In general, you can wear virtually anything from shorts, skirts, jeans, leggings, oversized sweaters, and cardigans. Shoe options often include boots, sneakers, and even sandals. Let’s have a look at some outfit ideas for fall in LA.

1. HeyYou Basic Olive Ribbed Crew Neck Midi Dress + Black Everyday Duster

Black Everyday Duster
The olive color is something you must wear during fall, no matter whether the sun is shining or there is a rainfall outside. If you want to be in line with Los Angeles street fashion, you should go for HeyYou Basic Olive Ribbed Crew Neck Midi Dress and Black Everyday Duster. Such an outfit is suitable for shopping at the mall or drinking coffee with your friends on a pleasant fall day.

Although it’s quite simple, it brings a significant dose of elegance and sophistication to any woman that wears it.

2. HeyYou Basic White Straight Neck Tank Top + Leopard Track Duster

HeyYou Basic White Straight Neck Tank Top
Here is another LA outfit that involves duster. But this time, it’s about a more prominent design that will hardly go unnoticed. Leopard print is something you’ll probably see this fall, which is why you’ll want to have something like that in your wardrobe.

Wear HeyYou Basic White Straight Neck Top under Leopard Track Duster and go for a casual day walk – you'll not only look trendy, but you'll a lot more confidence. Wear a pair of dark ripped jeans, heels/sneakers put sunglasses on, and walk like a real Hollywood star!

3. HeyYou Basic Key Lime Ribbed Sleeveless Turtleneck + Black Faux Patent Leather High-Waisted Mini Skirt + Black Tailored Trench Coat

Let's see how one of the trendiest California clothing styles looks like HeyYou Basic Key Lime Ribbed Sleeveless Turtleneck, Black Faux Patent Leather High-Waisted Mini Skirt, and Black Tailored Trench Coat.Worn together, such garments represent heaven for the LA streets.

Wear black boots and a bag, and you'll look like you came from the fashion magazine's cover.
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4. Teal Polka Dot Ruched Front Tank Dress + Black Faux Patent Leather Trucker Jacket

A cute dress and leather jacket are an evergreen pair of clothes most women find attractive. For example, Teal Polka Dot Ruched Front Tank Dress and Black Faux Leather Trucker Jacket are the attire worth considering – the dress comes with a flattering silhouette and fun, flirty patterns, while the jacket gives a more "aggressive" style, which altogether provides a bombastic look you shouldn’t miss
Winters in Los Angeles can be quite cold, which is why you should prepare a lot of layered clothes if you’re planning your trip in November or December. Winters are pretty known for frequent rainfalls and lower temperatures. That said, your winter LA style clothes should consist of pants, jeans, leggings, jackets, cardigans, raincoats, oversized sweaters, and other accessories such as scarves, gloves, and umbrellas that would protect you from cold and rainy weather.

Boots and sneakers will be the right types of shoes to complete your style, and although they are an inevitable part of the Californian style, sandals won’t be necessary during the winter.

Here are some ideas on what to wear in Los Angeles in winter:

1. Brown Oversized Button Up Tweed Shirt

Brown Oversized Button Up Tweed Shirt
Oversized clothes are found in most girls' wardrobes, primarily because it's comfy and stylish. They are often worn during the winter, and they can be paired with practically anything. For example, Brown Oversized Button Up Tweed Shirt goes perfectly with a pair of jeans, a white top, and boots, providing an outstanding LA street style.

2. Leopard Faux Fur Jacket

Leopard Faux Fur Jackets are a fantastic piece of garments that can take any outfit to the next level. It's warm and cozy, which makes it an ideal solution for winters in Los Angeles.

You should wear this fur jacket with pants, skirts, or dresses, depending on what look you want to achieve. It can be suitable for both day and night when you want to look sexy and feel snuggled.

3. HeyYou Basic Army Long Sleeve Hoodie

HeyYou Basic Army Long Sleeve Hoodie
Hoodies are a critical piece to wear during winter. They are comfortable and stylish, and they tend to provide a boy look that many girls want to accomplish. HeyYou Basic Army Long Sleeve Hoodie is one such garment that will make sure you look and feel gorgeous while roaming through the cold streets of Los Angeles.

Pair it with jeans or leggings, wear sneakers or UGGs, and reveal your boy side.

4. Crop Military Jacket

Crop Military Jacket is something you should have in your bag when traveling to Los Angeles in winter. It’s more convenient for mild winter temperatures since it’s not made of thick materials, but if you pair it with a Black Long Sleeve Turtleneck, you can stay warm even when temperatures go down.

It can be nicely paired with skinny high-waisted jeans and boots and be one of the most versatile LA styles of clothing options.