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How to Wear Jogger Pants: 5 Smart and Chic Ways of Embracing Jogger Pants Fashion in 2021

The athleisure style is now popular more than ever because it mixes the two most vital clothing aspects – comfort and fashion-forward flair. Jogger pants form an essential part of athleisure wear. They are soft, comfortable, and so stylish and versatile that you can pair them with the most items from your closet.

Although joggers often refer to classic sweatpants, they have significantly evolved from sportswear to chic women's pants you can wear with heels, dressy tops, and blazers. Still, they have preserved their original style, meaning that they can be relaxed, casual, and an excellent addition to your everyday outfits that call for enhanced comfort and style.

You can wear joggers with any closet staple and make them a go-to choice for a wide variety of occasions. The following post will provide you with the 5 in vogue joggers outfit ideas you can wear whenever you want to achieve effortlessly chic looks with enhanced levels of comfort and style.

How to Wear Joggers in 5 Different Ways

Joggers are a great staple that allows numerous styles varying from edgy to casual, comfy, and cozy. You can wear them the way you wear your jeans, meaning that they work perfectly with almost any top, jacket, or shoe type you usually mix and match.

You can go for a graphic tee and sneakers for a more casual look, while a dressier flair calls for classy heels and a chic top. Your jogger pants style depends on your fashion preferences and the occasion you’re attending.

Joggers come in many different designs, materials, and colors. You may find casual models made from a cotton blend and dressier items in silkier fabrics convenient for more elegant events. Fabric plays a vital role in the way you style your joggers, so pay special attention to it when choosing the right pair.

Here is a cheat-sheet that reveals the best ways to wear joggers according to the style you want to rock.

Sporty/classicLoose, “boyfriend” pants, or thick jersey joggersA baggy T-shirt, crop top, or a tank top tucked in.Hoodie, statement earrings, bracelets.A French braid, neutral makeup.Classic sneakers.
TrendyPattern joggers, or silk, thinner jersey.A simple white tee, button-down, a glittery piece, or anything in a matching pattern A trucker jacket, simple jewelry and accessories.Natural-looking waves, dramatic smokey eyes.Classic sneakers.
Flat shoes, or high heels.
Semi-formalJoggers in silk or faux leather material.A dressy button-down shirt.A trench coat, pearl earrings, a signature bracelet.Polished up-do.Dressy pumps.
Let’s move on to the best jogger pants outfit ideas to wear in 2021.

Pair Jogger Pants and a Cowl Neck Tank Top

If you want to keep your style minimal and effortless, a flawless outfit composed of High-Waisted Jogger in Crème and Crème Cowl Neck Satin Cami Top should be your go-to choice. These two satin neutrals are entirely made for each other, bringing a trendy and in-style look that will brighten up even the cloudiest day.

You can add a Nude Track Duster to enhance the overall style and add an extra layer to protect yourself from cold.

Pair Jogger Pants and a Cowl Neck Tank Top

Try Jogger Pants + Tank Top + Cropped Blazer + Sneakers

The combination of High Waisted Jogger in Sand Plaid, a Beige Cropped Blazer, a white tank top, and a pair of bombastic white sneakers is a definition of a super-stylish street look. The overall look is sending neutral vibes, while the evergreen plaid pattern ensures versatility that can be worn from work to play. Swap the sneakers for heeled sandals to get dressier apparel.

Go Monochrome with Joggers in Houndstooth and Brown Plaid

Joggers can create ultra-modern monochrome outfits that never fade. You cannot go wrong with High-Waisted Jogger in Brown Plaid and High-Waisted Jogger in Black Houndstooth, the two incredibly stylish items you can wear at any time. Pair them with matching blazers to get a fabulous appearance suitable for office, business dinners, or brunches with friends.

Embrace a Navy Jogging Pants Outfit

Royal navy tones are an excellent way to seize a classic fashion and show your refined taste. Therefore, we suggest you go for a High-Waisted Jogger in Navy – a stylish yet relaxed model with which you can create tons of fashion-forward outfits convenient for work or fabulous parties with lots of VIPs.

Pair them with a Slate Cowl Neck Satin Cami Top, cool ankle boots, and a fabulous faux fur jacket to achieve a chic and urban look that makes a statement.

Embrace a Navy Jogging Pants Outfit

Wear Joggers in Pastel Colors

Pastel tones are always on-trend shades you can wear year-round. They are among the most versatile colors you can mix and match with garments in different dark, bright, and neutral tones to get a fashion-forward look that inspires other girls to embrace it, as well.

When it comes to jogger pants, you won’t go wrong with High-Waisted Jogger in Peach or Light Blue – these gem-inspired tones will enhance any joggers outfit and provide it with a touch of timeless elegance. You can pair them with an array of tops, jackets, and shoes to get fabulous apparel you can wear anywhere.

Jogger Pants FAQs + How to Create the Best Jogger Pants Styles?

Speaking of how to wear joggers, women often have a lot of questions. Since jogger pants come in different designs and styles, it may be challenging to pick the right pieces and pair them with these casual-yet-dress pants.

So, let’s see the best answers to your jogger-related questions:

How to Wear Joggers to Work?

Most offices come with a smart casual dress code, meaning that you don’t have to dress formally, but opt for a style that’s neither too dressy nor too relaxed. Therefore, joggers are a perfect choice for such settings.

One of the options includes pairing joggers with a classic blazer. That way, you can get an instant upgrade that accommodates your office’s dress code while feeling exceptionally comfortable and professional in it. Don’t hesitate to wear a pair of sleek heels to take your office look to the next level.

How to Wear Joggers Fashionably?

Women who consider wearing joggers usually want to know how to style them without looking sloppy. We have already mentioned the importance of choosing the right material. That said, you can avoid sloppy and unprofessional jogger outfit by opting for models made from viscose, rayon, and polyester, making sure they have a relaxed fit that suits your figure.
How to Wear Joggers Fashionably
Check out the HeyYou Size Guide to find the best fitting joggers

How to Wear Joggers with Heels?

Pairing relaxed joggers with heels may be difficult to imagine, but the truth is that such a combination can be quite compelling and stylish. You can opt for pumps, heeled sandals, or ankle boots to provide your jogger outfit with a dressier vibe. Accessories and jewelry are always an excellent addition to your heel outfits.
How to Wear Joggers with Heels

How to Wear Joggers Casually?

Casual is the natural way of wearing joggers. To get the best casual jogger pants styles, pair your pants with other relaxed items from your closet, including tees or hoodies. Sneakers are an inevitable part of such a flair, so don’t forget to add them to your casual apparel.

Whether you opt for patterned or solid-colored joggers, you won’t go wrong with styling them with a Black Bandeau Crop Top. This may be the most versatile piece in your closet, allowing you to create a variety of outfits and styles in line with the urban, street, and casual flair.

How to Wear Joggers Casually

What Do You Wear with Joggers?

The answer to this question lies in your style and the look you want to achieve with your joggers. A classy pair of jogger pants can be dressed up or down with pieces such as a dress shirt or blazer, which may be a perfect outfit for dressy occasions.

On the other hand, hoodies, sneakers, and relaxed tops are convenient for casual looks and lazy day outfits when all you need is an extra dose of coziness and comfort.