how to wear a blazer

How to Wear a Blazer: 5 Amazing Blazer Styles to Take Your Look to Another Level

A well-tailored, high-quality blazer is a more powerful garment than any designer dress or a pair of shoes. It is the most versatile piece in a woman’s closet, and it can create numerous styles besides office and business looks. Blazers come in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns, and they are suitable for every setting – from smart events to casual and street scenes.

Although it’s often considered conservative, a blazer can be quite a cool and fashion-forward item if you style it properly. When it comes to wearing a blazer, you have a plethora of opportunities – jogger pants, wide-leg trousers, denim jeans, slouchy boots, skirt outfits, winter coats, and different accessories are some of the ideas you can embrace to get the best blazer look that won’t go unnoticed.

Let’s see how to style a blazer to add a significant sophistication level to the casual flair and enhance your overall look in no time.

1.    Wear Jeans to Create Casual Blazer Outfits

Jeans are a wardrobe staple whose versatility never fades. They are an excellent way of rocking a casual outfit, and they work great with blazers, as well. By pairing your favorite blazer with denim jeans, you can create tons of casual apparel ideas convenient for work, brunch, or casual dinners with old friends.

An evergreen combination of blazer and jeans can be enhanced with an array of different accessories depending on whether you want to achieve a traditional, feminine, or semi-formal look. Skinny jeans, flares, ripped jeans, or print models are a great addition to your casual blazer outfit.

Here is how you can sport a blazer with jeans to get a relaxed yet polished look:

Classy Black Blazers and Jeans

A classic black blazer is most women’s go-to choice for a reason. It can enhance any outfit and provide it with a dose of never-fading sophistication that won’t go unnoticed. You can wear it with ripped jeans, a simple solid-colored top, a pair of stylish ankle boots, and endless accessory options to enhance your appearance.
blazer and jeans outfits

Neutral-Colored Blazer and Jeans

A neutral palette is the most adaptable color scheme you can embrace. Neutral blazers can be pretty effective, especially when styled with jeans, allowing you to add different accessories to boost your appearance and show your refined taste. Pair your blazer with skinny blue jeans, a plain top, and sneakers (or any shoe type), and conquer the streets of your city.
women fashion blazer

Red Blazer and Jeans

Red is a bold and beautiful color that enriches your apparel by making it chic and more prominent. You can opt for a red blazer style whenever you want to achieve a smart casual look for business affairs, dinners, or first dates. Red brings a touch of romantic vibe that stands out from the crowd.
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2.    Dress and Blazer – A Winning Combination

A super-stylish dress and blazer combination is an excellent choice for dinners, parties, business-related settings, and virtually any affair that calls for refined style. You can wear a blazer and dress in many different ways, depending on what pieces you choose and how you decide to wear them.

How to wear a blazer with a dress?

One of the ways to wear a blazer is to pair it with a print dress. Take an Off White Beaded Fringe Asymmetrical Blazer and style it with a Snake Print Strappy Slip Dress to achieve a classy yet sexy look that reflects your personality and fashion preferences. This apparel is excellent for weekends and days when you want to give your sweatpants a rest.
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If you want something a bit classier and less prominent, we suggest you go for a chic Houndstooth Print Bustier Dress and a classic Navy Cropped Blazer. This gorgeous outfit is convenient for everyday settings and occasions where you want to embrace the classic, evergreen fashion trends. With this #ootd, you can make a seamless transition from the office to the bar.
Dress and Blazer

3. Embrace Monochrome Blazers Fashion

Monochrome outfits are in style this season, and you’re encouraged to go for them whenever you want to stick with timeless fashion trends and outfits that reflect sophistication and elegance.

Plaid, houndstooth, and stripes are some of the patterns you can mix and match to create super-stylish outfits. You can craft a fabulous skirt or pantsuit and use graphic tees or solid-color tops to make a nice contrast.

You can swap your usual blazer for a chic Brown Houndstooth Trucker Jacket and pair it with a matching Brown Houndstooth Mini Skirt. You’ll be impressed with your look, and you will be looking forward to showing it to the rest of the world.

Embrace Monochrome Blazers
You can also create classy pantsuits by combining monochrome pants and blazers in the same pattern. Such apparel is super convenient for office settings, business dinners, or even casual events when paired with a graphic tee and cool sneakers. Style a Brown Double-Breasted Plaid Blazer with a High Waisted Jogger in Brown Plaid and get a unique look inspired by the fashion icons.
Embrace Monochrome Blazers

4.    Try Wide-Leg Pant Outfits with Blazers

Wide-leg pants are back in fashion, and they have become an essential part of a woman’s closet. And guess what? They look even better when paired with a unique, well-designed cold shoulder blazer, which provides them with a touch of eternally in-style fashion tendencies.
Plaid Cold Shoulder Blazer
Do you like the outfit from the photo? Check out the Plaid Cold Shoulder Blazer and Black High Waisted Relaxed Side Snap Trouser and use them to create the best women blazer styles for office or smart-casual events held throughout the year.

5.    Achieve a Casual Blazer Look with Jogger Pants

Jogger pants play a vital role in both men's and women's fashion, and they work perfectly with many different garments from your closet. Apart from being exceptionally stylish, jogger pants are comfy, relaxed, and suitable for days when you need an extra dose of coziness. Joggers and blazers can create numerous outfits you can wear on various occasions, allowing you to add jewelry and accessories to enhance the overall look.
Beige Cropped Blazer
This babe is wearing a polished and casual blazer outfit consisting of the High Waisted Jogger in Sand Plaid and a Beige Cropped Blazer. Do you like it?

How to Wear Blazers and How to Choose the Right One?

You have thousands of opportunities to style your blazer, but neither of them will work unless you find a fitting piece that suits you well. Here comes the ultimate guide to choosing an adequate blazer you can later wear in numerous outfits and boost your style with a touch of sophistication.

Try it On

The best way to make sure you’ve chosen the best fitting blazer is to try it and see how it suits you. Check all the blazer's essential parts, including shoulders, sleeve length, hem, and buttons. Try it on over a shirt or another piece of clothes to make sure it can fit over multiple layers.

If you’re ordering online, check out the size guide offered by the store and follow the measurement instructions in order to get the right fit and size.

Make Sure the Shoulder Seams Come to Your Shoulders

The shoulders’ seams should be right where your shoulder ends. If you see that the seam is falling off your shoulder, it means that the blazer is too large, while the seam that doesn’t reach your shoulder indicates that the model is too small.

Button Up to Check It Doesn’t Pull

Button up the jacket to see if it fits well. The fabric should be smooth even when buttoned, allowing you to move your arms freely.

Consider the Sleeve Length

The sleeve length is another essential detail you should have in mind when shopping for a blazer. Hold your arms to your sides and in front of you to check where the sleeve hits your arm. A perfect sleeve length is the one that hits right below your wrist.

Still, note that some blazers have sleeves that are made shorter so you can show off a bracelet or a watch as you’re wearing it.

Have Both Versatile and Statement Blazers

Once you find the best fitting piece, start thinking about the colors and styles you should implement. It is recommended to stick with both versatile models you can wear frequently and pair them with different garments from your closet, and blazers in prints, patterns, and vibrant colors that make a statement.