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Top 5 Dusters for Women in 2020 + 15 Tips for Styling Them Perfectly

Although they originate from the cowboy era, dusters are incredibly popular today. They are comfortable, stylish and versatile, which is why they’re convenient for different occasions and purposes.

Dusters come in plenty of colors, styles, and designs, and women love to wear them anytime they need a high dose of comfort and style. They are suitable for chilly and windy weather, but since they often feature soft and lightweight materials, you can wear them in warm weather, as well.

This article will present the 5 best and most stylish dusters from the HeyYou Women’s Fashion collection and learn about the best ways to style them.

Duster vs. Trench Coat

duster vs trench coat
Both duster and trench coat are historical pieces that used to have a certain purpose in the past. The duster was created in the 1800s for cowboys, ranchers, and travelers, and it was used to keep desert dust off their clothes. They were primarily made of lightweight materials to match the desert’s climate.

On the other hand, trench coats were invented during World War I by the British for fighting in the trenches. It used to be padded and weather-resistant to protect against rain and mud of Europe, and it also came with belts and buckles that served for attaching radios, guns, etc.

We can say that modern versions are just variations on these themes. You can find dusters and trench coats in various colors, styles, and lengths, and notice that some characteristics from one piece are present on its counterpart. There are padded dusters, for example.

Even though both models have gone through significant changes, they have kept their styles and original purposes.

Now that you know the difference, we can move on to the 5 best women’s dusters from HeyYou Women’s Fashion online store.

Long Sleeve Button Up Duster ($78.00)

Long Sleeve Button Up Duster
A Long Sleeve Button Up Duster is perfect for casual occasions where you want to add some style. It’s comfy, stylish, and available in different colors and patterns – blue, crème, navy, dark gray, and olive. Each of the colors is versatile and suitable for creating a wide variety of outfits.

Track Duster ($98.00)

Track Duster
A Track Duster is an ideal transitional jacket you can wear whenever you need more trendiness and comfort. It features long sleeves with side stripe taping detail, ribbed cuffs and collar, front zip closure, hidden side seam pockets, two unique colors (nude and navy) and the attractive cheetah print that will leave you breathless.
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Everyday Duster ($88.00)

Everyday Duster
Everyday Duster is something you can wear virtually every day. It’s made from high-quality, lightweight, and breathable materials, which makes it suitable for warm days when you need an additional dose of freshness. Apart from the four color options – chestnut, olive green, red, and black, this duster jacket also features long sleeves, belt at waist, and front welt pockets.

Flannel Cowboy Duster ($98.00)

Flannel Cowboy Duster
Let’s meet the origins of a long duster jacket. A Flannel Cowboy Duster is a marvelous piece that takes us back to the cowboy times and famous Western movies. Apart from being authentic and unique, this women’s duster has all the essential features, such as snap button front closures, breast flap pockets with snap button closures, open, peaked front with hook and eye closure, and two gorgeous patterns – black plaid and red plaid.

Black Tailored Trench Coat ($88.00)

Black Tailored Trench Coat
Duster trench coats are incredibly popular this year, which is why we recommend a Black Tailored Trench Coat from our collection. It’s a fantastic choice for spring and fall, primarily since it protects you from the wind and other mild weather conditions. It will enhance any outfit you pick and provide it with a significant touch of sophistication and style.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Women’s Duster Jacket

A high-quality duster is something you should have in your closet since it allows you to create plenty of styles suitable for almost any occasion. You can pair it with shorts, a skirt, jeans, pants, or even a stylish dress to enhance your overall look and make it elegant and chic.

Still, women sometimes choose a duster that doesn’t provide the right fit or the one that works with only one style. Since it can be a significant waste of money, we have prepared a list of the 5 essential tips for picking the right dusters for women – let’s begin.

1.    Find a Style that Meets Your Needs

Think about what you need the duster for before you go shopping. If you need a piece for work, go for a professional-looking one, and if you want something casual, don’t hesitate to pick some vibrant colors or fun patterns.

If you need a duster jacket for running errands around the house or need an item for warmer days, a sleeveless model can be ideal.

2.    Pick a Material for the Season

Material plays a significant in picking a duster jacket, and you’ll choose one, depending on the season we’re in. Go for thicker materials (polyester and wool) and long sleeves during colder seasons, while silk, cotton, linen and light knits can be ideal for warmer weather.

3.    Make Sure a Duster Jacket Isn’t Too Long

If you notice that your jacket trails on the ground as you’re walking, it is a sign that it doesn’t fit you right. Choose a shorter model instead, and make sure it reaches just below the knee.

If you still prefer longer models, go for ankle-length one that doesn't touch the ground when you walk and consider wearing heels to get the right look.

4.    Look for Duster Jackets Fitted around the Waistline

Fitted dusters will accentuate your figure and make you look visually thinner while showing off your curves. For example, our models come with a belt around the waistline, allowing you to adjust it to fit you the best. That way, you can emphasize your body's outline and gain more confidence.

5.    Opt for Neutral Colors

A duster jacket in a neutral color is the most versatile solution suitable for creating any color combination. You can throw it over almost any outfit and look extremely trendy.

You’ll never go wrong with tones such as black, gray, or crème, especially if you pair them with bolder nuances, including red, yellow, blue, or green.

5 Tricks for Using a Duster Jacket to Create Casual Looks

Duster clothing is convenient for creating a wide variety of casual looks in which you’ll look great and feel incredibly comfortable. The best thing about dusters is their functionality – they will keep you warm while boosting your overall appearance.

Here are the 5 useful tips for styling a duster jacket to get casual outfits:

1.    Wear a Duster with Jeans and T-Shirt

You’ll never go wrong with a combination of a duster, jeans, and a casual T-shirt. Depending on the apparel you want to achieve, you’ll choose either neutral or vibrant colors and match them with the accessories you wear.

You can always enhance your look with statement jewelry, such as necklaces or earrings.

2.    Pair a Duster with a Dress

A nice, casual dress can be ideally paired with a duster jacket. Apart from keeping you warm, the duster will enhance your overall look and provide a slight elegance dose.

You can wear sneakers, sandals, or flip flops with such apparel, depending on the occasion.

3.    Layer the Jacket Over Shorts

Spring and summer are perfect for wearing shorts, tank tops, and dusters. The best would be to choose a jacket made of linen, cotton, or lightweight knit do add a dose of flair to your outfit. A pair of sneakers or sandals will boost your casual look and enhance your comfort.

4.    Match a Bright Duster with Neutral Clothing

A combination of a bright duster jacket and neutral clothing is suitable for all kinds of occasions, including work, running errands, or brunches. Pick a duster in a bright color you like the most and pair it with black pants, a gray blouse, and black heels. Such an outfit will definitely make a statement.

5.    Pair a Duster with Leggings

A casual and comfortable combination of a top and leggings can be nicely enhanced with a duster. Apart from achieving casual and comfortable apparel, you’ll look incredibly stylish and ready to seize the day with confidence.
dusters for women

5 Fabulous Ways to Create Dressy Outfits with Women’s Duster

A good duster can create even dressy looks. No matter if you need professional business wear, a job interview outfit, or something to impress the judge when summoned for jury duty, this fabulous garment can help you create the look that will make an excellent first impression on anyone near you.

Here are the 5 perfect ways to style a duster and create dressy looks for both professional and evening occasions.

1.    Pair a Duster with Black Pants

A combination of a duster and black pants creates an ideal office outfit that reflects professionalism and high style. No matter if you pick an all-black outfit or some more colorful options, a trench coat or duster will enhance your look to the fullest.

2.    Wear Duster with Heels

A simple outfit made of skinny jeans and a plain T-shirt can be taken to the next level with a duster jacket and a pair of fancy heels. Such an outfit can be an excellent choice for nights out, clubbing, dinners, or hot dates with someone special.

3.    Use an Eccentric Duster to Enhance a Little Black Dress

A little black dress can become more powerful if you accentuate it with a bright, eccentric duster. Go for models made of silk or light cotton material, and feel free to experiment with beads, patterns, and other embellishments that will boost your overall style.

4.    Consider a Silky Duster and Casual Dress

Every woman needs an outfit that allows seamless transitions from the office to some daytime errands. One such example includes a silky jacket and a casual dress in solid color. You’ll never go wrong with this combination, but you can always boost it with accessories and statement jewelry.

5.    Enhance Your Mini Skirt with Duster

A powerful outfit consisting of a mini skirt and a duster is suitable for various events. A long cardigan will cover your legs and keep them warm while enhancing your style and providing a significant touch of trendiness.

You can pair a mini skirt with a blouse and throw a duster over the outfit to achieve effortlessly chic apparel.