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How to Choose a Perfect Dinner Dress + 12 Dinner Dresses to Wear in 2020

When it comes to choosing an idealevening dress, every woman wants to show herself in the best light. Since wecan find a wide variety of gorgeous dresses today, it may be challenging tochoose the one that meets your needs entirely.

A fabulous and high-quality eveningdress is something every woman needs in her closet, especially since there willbe plenty of chances to wear it – rehearsal dinners, cocktail parties, weddingreceptions, glamorous beach parties, formal dinners, and other similar eventsthat come with an enhanced level of formality.

Dinner dresses come in diversedesigns and styles, and some of them are created for different purposes. Thisarticle will provide the ultimate dinner dress buying guide, as well as the 12best pieces you can wear at various formal or semi-formal events.

12 Dinner Dress Ideas You’ll Love in 2020

Let's take a closer look at the best evening dinner dresses suitable for a different cocktail and formal occasions where you want to shine to the brightest. You can purchase all models at HeyYou Women’s Fashion and get free shipping on all US orders

1.    Cocktail Dinner Dresses: Black Cowl Neck Satin Slip Midi Dress ($98.00)

Semi-formal dinners are perfect places to wear your sexy cocktail dress, such as the Black Cowl Neck Satin Slip Midi Dress ($98.00). This dress is suitable for different cocktail events, making sure you look fabulous in it. Although black might be the most convenient choice for dinners, you can opt for hot pink or lavender if you prefer some bolder details.

2.    Midi Dinner Dresses for Women: Mocha Midi Bodycon Dress ($78.00)

You'll never go wrong with the powerful combination of simplicity and elegance. Mocha Midi Bodycon Dress ($78.00) speaks for itself and helps you make the statement without much effort. Although it features a more or less basic design, it's everything but it. Thanks to its square neck, a perfect midi length, and a subtle sheen, this dress is convenient for business dinners, dinners with friends, dates, and similar events with a semi-formal dress code.

3.    Classy Dinner Dresses: Black Off-the-Shoulder Midi Pencil Dress ($118.00)

The classy yet sexy look has always been trendy, so we suggest you take a look at the Black Off-the-Shoulder Midi Pencil Dress ($118.00). It delivers a unique vibe with its off-the-shoulder design and sophisticated midi-length cut, as well as with other features that include sheer balloon sleeves and a hidden back zipper closure. This dress comes in black and white.

4.    Fancy Dinner Dresses: Natural Off-the-Shoulder Ruched Sleeve Mini Dress ($98.00)

A flirty off-the-shoulder design is one of the main reasons why the Natural Off-the-Shoulder Ruched Sleeve Mini Dress ($98.00) is an excellent choice for fancy dinners and occasions where you want to feel comfortable while looking fabulous. It features a non-slip silicone neckline, which prevents potential slippages that often spoil your mood and other features that boost your confidence and allow you to enjoy your night to the fullest.

5.    Formal Dinner Dresses: White Apron Mini Dress ($68.00)

A White Apron Mini Dress ($68.00) is a formal summer dress that you can wear for outdoor dinner parties or even cruisers. It bares skin in all the right places, making sure you feel comfortable and confident in it. It’s made from high-quality satin, featuring a high neckline, hidden back zipper closure, and a wide range of color options.

6.    Cruise Dinner Dresses: Champagne Front Slit Bustier Dress ($88.00)

A perfect night on the cruise will become more perfect with a Champagne Front Slit Bustier Dress ($88.00). This dress is not only sexy, but it's also quite supportive – it's enhanced by underwire cups, a front slit leg opening, and a hidden back zipper closure, providing an elevated dose of comfort and a fantastic look. This confidence booster comes in two color options, and each of them rocks in its own way.

7.    Rehearsal Dinner Dresses: Emerald Cowl Neck Satin Slip Dress ($78.00)

8.    Short Dinner Dresses: Fringe Cut Out Mini Dress in Off White ($148.00)

To boost your overall style with some unique details, we suggest you go for a Fringe Cut Out Mini Dress in Off White ($148.00). This dress takes us back to the Roaring 20s due to its fringe details, cut out detailing on the front and back, and flirty cold shoulder design. This piece is perfect for girls that want to enhance their wild, free spirit while looking incredibly stylish and gorgeous at the same time.

9.    Cute Dinner Dresses: Light Pink Mini Dress with Pleated Sleeves ($148.00)

Late night dinners are also great places for wearing a cute evening dress. A soft and subtle shape of pink nicely applied to a Light Pink Mini Dress with Pleated Sleeves ($148.00) will make a statement wherever you go, mainly due to its high neckline and dramatic pleated sleeves, which provide this item with an additional dose of uniqueness and style.

10.    Sexy Dinner Dresses: Teal Polka Dot Ruched Front Tank Dress ($88.00)

To embrace a sexy and sophisticated look that everyone will remember, don’t hesitate to go for a Teal Polka Dot Ruched Front Tank Dress ($88.00). It features a flattering silhouette, fun, flirty patterns, a ruched drawstring detail in the front, a deep V-line cut, and a ruffle trim that takes this dress to a whole new level.

11.    Dinner Date Dresses: Black Lace Hem Slip Dress ($78.00)

A Black Lace Hem Slip Dress ($78.00) is a true head-turning piece that will leave your better half speechless. It can be described as something between delicate and chic – a flirty midi-length cut, adjustable spaghetti straps, V-neck, and a romantic lace finishing along with the hem are details that contribute to this dress’s overall sexiness and trendy design.

12.    Nice Dinner Dresses: Burgundy Open Back Ruffle Dress ($118.00)

A Burgundy Open Back Ruffle Dress ($118.00) is a cute and not-so-subtle evening dress that will boost your confidence and enhance your style, ensuring you're the center of attention. Apart from the alluring floral pattern and the sexy open back, this dress includes elastic cuffs, a full lining, and a unique asymmetrical design that brings the artistic touch.

How to Choose a Perfect Dinner Dress? 3 Infallible Strategies

Picking an ideal evening dress is not the easiest task, especially if you haven’t had an opportunity to buy one before. Women are often confused by a wide range of choices they have, and they are not sure which style to embrace. If you’re one of them, don’t worry – we’re here to provide simple yet efficient solutions.

When it comes to evening dresses, here is a golden rule – always go for something timeless and elegant, making sure it suits your personality.
Therefore, the first strategy is:

1.    Choose a Timeless Style

Evergreen evening dresses are something you can wear either tonight or in ten years, without being anachronistic. That said, you should look for dresses made of satin, delicate lace trimmings, and vintage A-style dresses that never go out of style.

2.    Pick Something That Suits Your Figuree

Pick something that suits you perfectly. By knowing that you look fantastic in a particular evening dress, you’ll become more confident and satisfied with yourself – and that’s how every woman should feel about herself. Figure out what your best assets are and accentuate them while downplaying your problem areas.

3.    Try Something Newe

You’re encouraged to experiment with styles, colors, and patterns and find what fits you the best. Try something you wouldn’t normally wear and embrace a new look that will make a statement.

Formal Dinner FAQse

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers regarding formal dinners you may find interesting:

Can I Find Formal Dress Online and Where?

You can buy the best formal dresses from HeyYou Women’s Fashion and get free shipping on all orders in the US. Our collection consists of ultramodern and innovative dresses suitable for plenty of events, including formal dinners, weddings, proms, charity galas, and more.
how to choose dinner dress

What is the Evening Dress Code?

If you get an invitation that says you're supposed to stick with the evening dress code, you should go for long dresses with embellishments and embroidery. However, if the dress code is not specified, you can wear a cocktail dress and enhance it with cute pieces of accessories.

What is the Difference Between Formal and Semi-Formal?

Semi-formal events are often called ‘cocktail events,’ and they are usually less elegant than formal occasions. Semi-formal events come with less strict dress code, and they allow you to wear short cocktail dresses, jumpsuits, or a nice pair of pants. Formal events, on the other hand, often require a long, dressy gown.