15 Cute Outfit Ideas for Spring 2020

cute outfit ideas
Spring is finally calling, which means that you need to get prepared for sunny and colorful days. We can say goodbye to jackets and welcome cute spring outfit ideas that will make us feel comfy and breezy during nice, March days.

Women always need more new clothing ideas, which is why we have prepared a list of 15 trendy outfits that can provide you with some useful ideas on what to wear at work, school, birthday party, or a casual walk with your friends.

Stay tuned to see how to start your spring freshly and trendy!

1. Gray Duster + Black Tank Top

Although spring is coming, the weather still doesn’t allow us to wear T-shirts only. That said, we need something like Long-Sleeve Button-Up Duster to cover up until the sun starts to bright to its full potential.

This duster comes in gray, dark gray, blue, crème, olive, and navy color, which means that you can wear it with practically any garment you want. Still, it goes best with skinny jeans and tight top, and thanks to its versatility, you can wear it with either heels, sneakers, or flats.

We suggest you pair HeyYou Basic Black Ribbed Tank Top with the duster to achieve an elegant and effortless look.

2. Mini Button Up Dress in Peach Polka Dots

Mini Button Up Dress in Peach Polka Dots
This Mini Button Up Dress speaks for nice and sunny weather. Polka dots have always been a definition of cute outfits, and the truth is that every girl looks beautiful in such design. The dress has front button closures that provide it with uniqueness and slight elegance.

It's suitable for different occasions, including picnics at the park, beach parties, backyard BBQs, and even casual night outs with girlfriends. It also comes in a blue checkered design, convenient for girls that find polka dots too girly.

3. White Tank Top + High-Waisted Jogger Pants + Beige Cropped Blazer

High Waisted Jogger in Sand Plaid
Beige Cropped Blazer
If you’re looking for something you can wear both at work and while outside with friends, you should have a look at these High-Waisted joggers in Sand Plaid. They are quite stylish and suitable for everyday wear, and they can be easily combined with blazers, tops, heels, or even chucks.

When you want to look trendy and professional, we suggest you pair these pants with Beige Cropped Blazer and HeyYou Basic Nude Straight Neck Tank Top.

4. Long-Sleeve Turtleneck + High-Waisted Trousers

Turtlenecks never go out of style, which is why we're presenting you with this Basic Long Sleeve Turtleneck suitable for every occasion. It comes in various colors – back, gray, yellow, lavender, red, and white. Each color is quite attractive, but if you want to keep pace with spring and summer, you should go for brighter ones, especially red.

A red turtleneck will be perfectly paired with Red High-Waisted Relaxed Side Snap Trouser – such a monochromatic combination is excellent for long spring walks in the evening when you want to look both stylish and casual.
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5. Blue Floral Long-Sleeve Cropped Blouse

Blue Floral Long Sleeve Cropped Blouse
What's more vernal than floral print? Flowers are necessary details when it comes to spring collections, and they’re always the right choice for achieving a cute, feminine look.

Blue Floral Long-Sleeve Cropped Blouse from our shop is a garment that can be paired with virtually anything – jeans, trousers, skirts, shorts, chucks, and even heels. It can be a part of cute easy outfits that will make you look fresh and ready to seize the day.

If you prefer more “aggressive” looks, you can opt for snake print.

6. Black Tailored Trench Coat + Basic Black Long Sleeve Top

A basic black long sleeve top is something you should always have in your closet, primarily because it represents the most versatile piece of garment that can be paired with virtually anything.

Wear a skinny pair of jeans, HeyYou Basic Long Sleeve Top, and Black Tailored Trench Coat, and you’re ready to shine even during a rainy and cloudy spring day. But don't forget an umbrella before stepping out of your home!

7. White Polka Dot Blouse + White High-Waisted Suiting Shorts

White Polka Dot Blouse
White High Waisted Suiting Short
If you’re already thinking about cute summer outfit ideas, let us make a suggestion – White Polka Dot Blouse and White High-Waisted Suiting Shorts.

This outfit is convenient for summer night parties where you want to wear something more than a simple dress. It can be embellished with jewelry, clutch, and heels.

This pair of shorts is elegant when combined with a blouse like the mentioned one, but it can be a casual garment when worn with a crop top, T-shirt, and sneakers. A blouse can be nicely paired with jeans or a skirt.
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8. Brown Houndstooth Mini Skirt + White Long-Sleeved Turtleneck + Jacket

Houndstooth pattern looks both cute and sophisticated, which means that it can be a perfect choice for the office and business dinners.

By pairing a Brown Houndstooth Mini Skirt, White Long-Sleeved Turtleneck, and a Brown Houndstooth Trucker Jacket, you'll achieve the look of the one-million-dollar lady! This outfit is convenient to wear during chilly spring days you plan on spending downtown.

9. HeyYou Basic Cherry Long-Sleeve Cropped Hoodiee

Let’s see some cute outfit ideas for women that prefer the athletic and more casual style. This Cherry Long-Sleeve Cropped Hoodie is quite suitable for daily wear, and it’s an ideal garment for girls that love jogging in the morning and long walks with their dogs.

You can pair it with jeans, sweatpants, or leggings and enjoy warm spring days while feeling comfy in your skin. If you're not a fan of a cherry red color, you can opt for either khaki, black, white, sky blue, or light pink.

10. HeyYou Basic Cropped Knit in Olive + High-Waisted Olive Pants

Olive High Waisted Knit Side Snap Pant
If you’re a fan of cool outfit ideas, then you’ll love HeyYou Basic Cropped Knit in Olive. It can be worn with practically any kind of pants and jeans, but we have another option you may find even better!

Olive High-Waisted Knit Side Snap Pants would make a perfect combo with the mentioned crop top, and you could wear it on casual occasions where you want to express yourself. If you love long day walks alongside the river, put on your sunglasses and backpack, and make this set even cooler.

11. Black Leopard Satin Slip Midi Skirt + HeyYou Basic Pocket Tee in White

If clothing ideas that combine elegant and casual garments seem attractive to you, then you should have a look at Black Leopard Satin Midi Skirt and HeyYou Basic Pocket Tee in White.

Although it might seem as if it were created from incompatible garments, this outfit actually reflects the tendencies of contemporary fashion. It’s convenient for night outs with friends where you want to look neither too formal nor too casual. A small chain bag would perfectly complete this outfit.

12. Floral Collar Button Up Top + Black Strappy Crop Top + Red Floral Mini Skirt

Spring vibes are everywhere around us, and the best way to catch them is to wear the flirty outfit made of Floral Collar Button-Up Top, Black Strappy Crop Top, and Red Floral Mini Skirt. It can be an ideal choice for both day and night, and even summer evenings.

Shirt and skirt come in different prints, which means that you're free to make the outfit that meets your needs.

13. Blue Floral Bell Sleeved Mini Dress

Blue Floral Bell Sleeved Mini Dress
Some girls prefer dresses over two-piece outfits since they find them more convenient, especially when they run out of outfit ideas. To enhance your spring spirit and enjoy one-piece garments, we suggest you take a look at Blue Floral Bell Sleeved Mini Dress.

This dress is suitable for spring parties and night outs, and it can be nicely paired with both heels and flats. It comes in two more designs inspired by the fashion ideas in the 1960s.
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14. Black Faux Leather Button Front Mini Skirt + Pink Floral Off the Shoulder Cropped Blousee

Is it possible to look sexy in floral design? It is, especially when there is a piece of faux leather included.

The combination of Black Faux Leather Mini Skirt and Pink Floral Off the Shoulder Cropped Blouse could be one of the cute birthday outfit ideas you should consider if you’re planning a birthday party to celebrate your 20s.

15. Black Floral Off the Shoulder Ruffle Dress

Black floral designs bring a dose of mystique and femininity, and they can be a good choice for different types of occasions.

Black Floral Off the Shoulder Ruffle Dress is a unique piece of clothing that represents the great option for both day and night. It can be paired with heels or chucks, a mini bag, and big black sunglasses.

6 Fashion-Approved Tips on How to Make Cute Outfits

All the clothes in our wardrobe become boring at one point, which is why girls often have nothing towear. However, instead of constantly buying new clothes you’ll maybe never wear, you should take a look at your closet and get some creative ideas on what to do with the garments you already have.

We’re going to help you here – have a look at the 6 fashion-approved tips that will help you get some cute outfit ideas you can wear during spring days.

1. Add Turtlenecks to Your Style

Turtlenecks can enhance your style and provide outstanding daytime and nighttime-appropriate looks.

You can wear them under blazers, slip dresses, crewneck sweaters (the cropped ones, especially) and pair them with short skirts, pants, or jeans. Such outfits are convenient for both professional and casual occasions, where you’ll look stunning.

You can buy several turtlenecks in different colors and make sure you always have something to wear!

2. Don’t Avoid Jeans and T-Shirts

Jeans and tees are usually seen as casual clothing, but the truth is that they can provide quite a powerful combination even for a bit more formal events.

A simple white T-shirt and skinny jeans paired with jewelry (earrings or necklace), sandals (both heeled and flat), and leather jacket will give you so-called “city-chic” look, suitable for different kinds of events during day or night.

Black jeans and boots are also something worth considering, especially when you want to look gorgeous and professional.

3. Wear Dresses like Tops or Skirts

If you have a lot of dresses that have already bored you, here is the solution for you – tuck them into jeans or turn them into a skirt.

If you want to go for the first option, make sure the dress you want to tuck is short enough so that it doesn’t make the fabric visible under your denim. You can wear this outfit with sneakers if you want to look casual.

Another thing you can do with your dress is to turn it into a skirt. You can do it by wearing a T-shirt over the dress and knotting it at the waist, or by putting on a loose-fitting sweatshirt.

4. Steal Your Boyfriend’s Stuff

Baggy and oversized clothes are usually something girls love to wear, and the good thing is that such garments can be quite trendy and stylish (and pricey).

To avoid unnecessary expenses, borrow a simple men’s button-down shirt that you can belt and wear as a dress, or tuck into high-waisted jeans, skirt, or pants.

5. Note that Scarves are Not Made for Necks Onlye

Although we are accustomed to wearing scarves around our necks only, the truth is that such an accessory can serve as great outfit inspiration.

You can use a silk scarf to create a tube top you can wear with your jeans and a leather jacket. It can also serve as a belt for a plain dress.

6. Consider Monochrome Outfits

This is the year in which you can expect to see a lot of monochromatic outfits. Although girls usually find such styles ridiculous, they can actually look pretty good.

You can choose garments in varying shades of one color – blue, for example – to add a dimension to your outfit and make a strong impression on people around you.