15 Comfy Outfits to Feel Cozier and More Relaxed

comfy outfits
We won’t lie – girls love to spend their time in cute comfy clothes. High heels, too skinny jeans, and tight tops can be a nightmare, which is why women often go for some more comfy outfits lately.

By comfy outfits, we often mean snap pants, hoodies, leggings, tees, sneakers, and other types of clothing made of lightweight and breathable materials. Although comfy clothes are usually baggy and oversized, some garments can also be elegant and excellent for downtown events.

Let’s have a look at 15 cute comfy outfits suitable for everyday wearing. The garments you’ll see are chic and gorgeous, which means that you can hit the streets in them with a lot of confidence and style.


T-shirts are evergreen garments that can be suitable for different occasions, primarily since they come in various styles, colors, and designs. Tees are among the most comfortable clothes in which you can spend the whole day without being bothered by tightness and the lack of breathability.

Let’s have a look at the T-shirts that can help you create stylish and cute comfortable outfits:

1. Pocket Tee in Woods

HeyYou Basic Cropped Pocket Tee in Woods
A loose cropped T-shirt is something that we all need, no matter whether we’re planning on spending the day at home or outside. HeyYouBasic Cropped Pocket Tee in Woods is a garment that will make your weekends comfier and more breathable – you can wear it with a pair of jeans, pants, shorts, or leggings and quickly adapt your style with the occasion.

2. Pocket Tee in Cashew

HeyYou Basic Pocket Tee in Cashew
If you prefer non-cropped T-shirts, HeyYouBasic Pocket Tee in Cashew can be the right choice for you. You can tuck it into your jeans, you can tie it, or you can wear it as it is supposed to be worn.

A garment like this one is quite versatile and allows you to create various styles. It comes in five different colors, and all of them are pretty stylish and adaptable.

3. Cropped Knit in Olive

A T-shirt in which you’ll feel comfy and look stunning is HeyYouBasic Cropped Knit in Olive. It’s quite a classy piece of clothing that can be paired with both casual and elegant garments – that said, you can watch Netflix and go to the party in it. You’ll shine in both cases.


Most comfy style ideas start with sweatshirts and hoodies. Hoodies are quite stylish and versatile garments that can create various outfits that girls will love. Although they’re mostly associated with sports style and tracksuits, hoodies can create lovely outfits when worn with dresses, skirts, and high heels.

Here are some of the most stylish and comfortable outfits with sweatshirts and hoodies:

1. White Long Sleeve Hoodie

You’ll never go wrong with a garment such as HeyYouBasic White Long Sleeve Hoodie. It can be paired with practically any clothing but worn with jeans, it can create lovely and comfy outfits for school.

This hoodie comes in six different colors, and each of them is quite pretty and convenient for different kinds of events.

2. Rosewater Cropped Sweatshirt

HeyYou Basic Rosewater Cropped Sweatshirt
When you need to run some errands or take a walk with friends, you need something like HeyYouBasic Rosewater Cropped Sweatshirt. It is quite cute and feminine, and its smooth and high-quality material will provide a lot of comfort and breathability.

You can wear it with jeans, shorts, or pants. One such style can be significantly enhanced with sunglasses, a backpack, and cute sneakers.

3. Cherry Long Sleeve Cropped Hoodie

If you’re a fan of bright colors, you should check out HeyYou Basic Cherry Long Sleeve Cropped Hoodie. It can create a lot of cute, comfortable outfits in which you'll feel relaxed and look gorgeous.

Both teenagers and adults can wear it anywhere – from schools, offices, colleges, and even during cozy movie nights.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are pretty popular during spring and summer since they are comfy and appropriate for parties or more casual events. Crop tops can be both relaxed and elegant, and you can wear them with lots of different clothing.

Crop tops come in various colors, styles, and designs. They are suitable for everyday wear, night outs, and even the gym.

1. White Sleek Straight Neck Crop Top

A classic and comfy HeyYouBasic Off White Sleek Straight Neck Crop Top is something that can help you create different outfits for various events and activities – parties, casual walks, beach, or staying at home.

This crop top comes in black and white color, and both of them can create quite sexy outfits. Wear them with high-waisted jeans, a blazer, and heels, and get ready to shine while feeling extremely comfortable and confident.

2. Sand Snap-Front Ribbed Crop Top

Wearing comfy outfit and looking sexy is not impossible – moreover, it's entirely achievable with HeyYouBasic Sand Snap-Front Ribbed Crop Top. Such a piece is something every girl should have in her closet, primarily since it's convenient for both indoor and outdoor activities when you want to put comfort in the first place.

It comes in four nude colors that are quite popular during springtime, and it can be nicely paired with jeans or shorts. To achieve a more elegant but comfy style, enhance your overall look with some accessories, jewelry, and beautiful shoes.

3. Lime Long Sleeve Cropped Blouse

When you want to enrich your collection of nude-colored garments, KeyLime Long Sleeve Cropped Blouse is the perfect choice for you. Thanks to its lightweight fabrics and balloon sleeves with an elastic cuff, this cropped blouse is an excellent option for all the girls that can’t wait for the summer and want to express their colorful soul while enjoying the breathability and breeziness.

This blouse comes in four colors, and each of them is unique and suitable for sunny days and warm nights of the full moon and cocktails.

Pants and Skirts

Pants and skirts often create cute and comfy outfits the girls enjoy, and the best thing about them is that they are versatile and flexible – that said, you can wear them at any time, pair them with different garments, and feel beautiful in your skin.

Pants and skirts made of soft knit fabric are convenient for spring days, especially when you need to run some errands or simply have a coffee with your friends. Such garments are cute, comfy, and suitable for days and evenings.

1. White High-Waisted Relaxed Side Snap Trousers

Off White High Waisted Relaxed Side Snap Trouser
If you’re looking for the pants in which you can both run and dance, you should stop here and check out OffWhite High-Waisted Relaxed Side Snap Trousers. The high-waisted design and side stripe with snaps and buttons make these pants elegant, while its wide legs make sure you feel relaxed in them.

Their overall design makes them pretty versatile, which means that you can wear them with sneakers, heels, and sandals. They also go perfectly with hoodies, crop tops, tanks, and a variety of other garments you usually wear.

2. Black Knit Midi Skirt

HeyYou Basic Black Knit Midi Skirt
Skirts can also be quite comfy and sophisticated, especially if you go for HeyYouBasic Black Knit Midi Skirt. It’s made of soft knit fabric that allows the skin to breathe. At the same time, its stretchiness will accentuate your curves and emphasize the shape of your body.

You can wear it with sneakers, heels, or sandals and create various looks in different styles.

3. Dark Gray High-Waisted Knit Side Snap Pants

Dark Grey High Waisted Knit Side Snap Pant
Apart from being extremely comfortable, Dark Gray High-Waisted Knit Side Snap Pants are ultramodern and stylish. They have everything that you could want, including a high elasticized waist, wide legs, a relaxed fit, and side snaps – all these details allow you to wear the pants anytime you want to look stunning and feel comfy.


Dresses are among these garments that can be both chic and extremely comfortable. As you know, dresses come in a bunch of different designs and styles, and they are convenient for most of the occasions when you want to achieve a splendid but simple overall look.

Dresses can always be enhanced with cute jewelry, shoes, bags, and other accessories that will complete the outfit and give it a dose of extravagance.

1. Dusty Rose Ribbed Tank Dress

HeyYou BasicDusty Rose Ribbed Tank Dress is a true springlike dress that will enhance your figure and make you look and feel beautiful. Due to its marvelous and versatile design, it can be paired with lots of different garments, including those more or less elegant.

If you want to keep it casual, include a denim jacket, sunglasses, sneakers, and a tiny bag, and get a real street style enhanced with comfort.

2. Sage Strapless Midi Bodycon Dress

Women that feel comfortable in their skin are those that look sophisticated and confident. You can quickly achieve such a look with HeyYouBasic Sage Strapless Midi Bodycon Dress, which is convenient for events where you want to show your pure shine.

A strapless design, midi length, and a stretch fit make this dress elegant and sexy, while a soft knit fabric makes sure you feel the highest level of comfort.

3. Penny Ribbed Crew Neck Midi Dress

HeyYouBasic Penny Ribbed Crew Neck Midi Dress – a dress that’s convenient for both office and a night out. It is created for all the women that love simplicity and versatility, as well as nude and neutral shades.

Its high-quality material will provide breathability and good feeling, no matter where you are.

7 Tips on How to Enhance Your Comfy Casual Outfits

Let’s have a look at the details that can bring an additional dose of style to your comfy outfits:
  • Jeggings: If you love jeans, but you don't feel comfortable in them all the time, you can always go for jeggings, which are comfier than jeans and more stylish than typical leggings.
  • Glasses: Glasses will save your time for putting makeup on, making you look cute and cool at the same time.
  • Sweatpants: Cute joggers are always an excellent option when you want to enhance your comfy style. Wear them with ballet flats or high-heeled ankle boots and get chic and cozy at the same time.
  • Oversized hoodies and tees: Oversized tops are always an excellent choice for lazy days. You can nicely pair it with leggings and sneakers and look adorable.
  • Thick socks: A cozy and warm pair of socks will always provide a significant dose of comfort and take your style to the next level.
  • Buns: Your hair also forms part of your overall look, which is why you should pay attention to it, as well. A messy bun on the top of your head will be an excellent way to enhance your tendencies toward comfort.
  • Accessories: Necklaces, sunglasses, bracelets, scarves, and other items are always welcome.