College Fashion 101: 10 Best College Outfits to Embrace in 2020

College Fashion
College brings a lot of challenges, among which is college dressing. College is the time to find yourself, they say, which means that there is no exact college outfit you should embrace, but you're free to explore and experiment with different styles until you find one in which you feel comfortable and confident.

The campus is the place where you're probably going to see a lot of different outfits that can be described as outrageous, cute, cool, or even eccentric. Therefore, you can see that students finally decided to express themselves, including their personality and attitudes, and clothes are one of the best ways to do so.

We have prepared the 10 best college outfits that may help you find your style and express yourself in the best manner. Let’s have a look at some pieces that will help you get more ideas.

What to Wear to College: The Most Common Styles Among Freshmen

Campus fashion is quite diverse, which means that you may see a bunch of different styles there. Students are trying to express themselves in many different ways, and some of them even don’t have the idea of what they want to accomplish at first. If you’re one of those who’re unsure about their college style, let’s go through some of the most common looks students embrace:

The Hippies – No Leather or Fur

Inspired by the famous counterculture of the 1960s, the campus hippies are recognizable by their earthy-toned clothes, that may even seem dirty. Students that respect the hippie style don't care much about fitted clothes, but they want to wear something in which they feel free, relaxed, and comfy. That said, they often go for soft fabrics and a lot of jewelry with stones that usually have meaning.

Since hippies care about the animals and the environment, you won’t see them in fur or leather.

The Casuals – A Pair of Sneakers, Tee, and Jeans

The casuals seem to share one idea with the hippies, which is comfort over fashion. A cool pair of sneakers, jeans, shirts, tees, and sweatpants are the garments they usually wear, but unlike hippies, the casuals make sure their clothes are neat and made of high-quality materials. That said, they often buy good items they can wear for years.

The Alternatives – Band T-Shirts & Dark Colors

The alternatives are known for their great taste in music, and they want to let others know that as well. You will probably see them wear band tees, leather, dark colors, and a lot of accessories such as bandanas, bracelets, piercings, etc.

The Fashionables – The Latest Trends and Styles

Some students care about fashion trends and wear the items from the most expensive boutiques in town. You will see them wearing clothes from the newest collections, which is always paired with cool shoes, jewelry, and accessories of different colors.

The Greeks – Fraternity & Sorority Styles

Members of fraternities and sororities usually have their own styles, which include clean, light, breathable, and sporty clothes. You’ll get to know more about their particular style if you join any Greek club.

Still without the right idea? Let’s see more styles you may love.
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10 Amazing College Outfit Ideas to Create Different Styles

To help you find the items to express yourself in the best way, we have prepared the list of the 10 best college looks to embrace in 2020.

1. College Girl Outfit for College Visit Tours

College visit tours can significantly help you with your university search and your future career. Such tours provide not only the actual visit to the campus and some college amenities but also allow you to participate in workshops, discover some facts about criteria, and practice writing for their essays.

You may spend most of the day on the campus, which is why you should wear something comfy and stylish – for example, a sleeveless turtleneck and a faux leather overall dress. Wear a cute pair of sneakers and a mini bag and add other accessories that you love to complete your attire and look amazing.
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2. The First Day of College Outfit

The first days give you the opportunity to make an impression and show yourself in the best light. Therefore, you should wear something nice and in line with your style if you want to express your attitude and want to be noticed.

A leather skirt, a monochromatic bodysuit, and a flannel cowboy duster can be perfect attire for your first day of college since it's about an outfit that's always on-trend, and that will boost your self-esteem. It can be paired with ankle boots or sneakers, a cute necklace, and a bag or a backpack, depending on what you prefer.
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3. Clothes for College and Studying at the Library

Exams are also the way to meet new people and share your knowledge and opinions as you study together. No matter whether you study at the library alone or within a study group, you may want to dress nicely. Enrich your college look with a pair of high-waisted jogger pants, a monochromatic top, and a track duster – such an outfit will make sure you feel comfortable, fresh, and ready to acquire new knowledge!
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4. Casual College Outfit for Studying at Your Friends’ Home

Some students prefer a more relaxed study environment where they can discuss the topic with their classmates, laugh, eat, and drink without disturbing other people in the library. That said, they choose to study at home or in their dorm room.

If your study group gather at someone’s house, you should go for a relaxed and comfy outfit that includes a cropped sweatshirt and high-waisted relaxed pants. You'll feel cozier in apparel such as this one, and it will definitely impact your learning abilities.
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5. College Outfit for Your First Class Presentation

Classroom presentations have always been stressful for students, which is reasonable. Confidence is the key to giving a successful oral presentation in front of your classmates, and clothes in which you feel beautiful and confident can help you overcome the jitter you may feel before your public speech.

To look confident and professional in front of your professor and classmates, wear a classy mini dress with a houndstooth pattern, and a navy cropped blazer. Such an outfit will boost your confidence and accentuate your serious approach toward your task. Wear a pair of flat ankle boots to complete your style and take your overall look to the next level.
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6. College Girl Clothing for Classroom

If you want to attend the class wearing a trendy outfit, we suggest you consider something that includes a houndstooth skirt, a jacket in the same pattern, and a turtleneck. You’ll add a dose of professionalism to your entire look and make sure you’re following the latest trends. An outfit like this one is also convenient for after-school activities, pub quizzes, and even brunch with classmates.
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7. A Stylish College Outfit for Girls

Girls that want to go to college with an enhanced level of style won’t go wrong with the outfit made of a sleeveless tweed dress and a trendy flannel shirt. You’ll look gorgeous and professional in an outfit such as this one, and it can also be an excellent choice for internships and practices in the office.

You can pair it with nice jewelry and low heel shoes to get a more business-like look. Although it may be more convenient for juniors and seniors, sophomores and first-year students can find it nice, too.
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8. College Outfit for Watching Baseball Games with Style

One of the most popular college events includes baseball games, attended by students, parents, players' friends, mascots, professors, and other people from college. If you're not a fan of jerseys and too sporty clothes, we have a solution for you. Wear a black bodycon midi dress and a cropped hoodie in the same color – you'll look fantastic and feel comfortable, which is crucial for games of any kind.

You can pair this college outfit with sneakers, a small backpack, and sunglasses to achieve an even better overall look. And you can always ditch the hoodie if you're going to the celebration party afterward.
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9. College Girl Outfit for College Concerts

There are many college events throughout the year, including free concerts. Students love music events since such occasions help them relax from studying and stress. Besides, these are the places where you can meet other people and start interesting friendships. A fringe black crop top in western style and high-waisted suiting shorts can be a perfect outfit to wear on such events – you’ll not only look great, but you’ll also enhance your free spirit and love toward music and good parties.
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10. College Girl Outfits for Nights Out

Apart from constant challenges, tasks, and exams, the college also brings parties, which are also a part of student life. No matter whether the party is in the club or a fraternity/sorority, you will want to look fantastic, and you can make that happen with nice outfits in which you feel confident and pleasant.

You won’t go wrong with an occasion crop top and high-waisted shorts in the same color, which is an outstanding attire you can enrich with different accessories you find convenient.
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Other Outfit Ideas Worth Considering

Apart from the looks provided in the previous section, you may also want to consider some other items that you can wear at college. For example:
  • Denim jeans
  • Leggings
  • Bags and backpacks
  • Hats
  • Silk and satin materials
  • Pleated skirts
  • Cardigans
  • Sweatpants
  • And more.
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Make sure that no matter what you choose to wear on campus and during classes must be appropriate. It's essential to show respect to your professor and other classmates that attend the same course as you – so, be careful when choosing your college student outfit and separate items that you wear at parties from those you wear in the class.