17 Best Coachella Outfits in 2020

coachella outfits
Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (better known as Coachella) can be noted as one of the landmarks of California. It’s the time of the year when people around the states gather at one place to enjoy listening to different music genres, dancing, and partying until dawn.

Coachella is the festival where you can see a lot of different outfits at both men and women. Since it’s about a music event held in spring, people tend to wear colorful and lightweight clothes that typically reveal a lot of skin. Still, there is no such thing as underdressed at festivals.

Women tend to wear tank tops, shorts, jeans, dresses, and jumpsuits that make them feel comfortable and allow them to dance and make moves seamlessly. As for shoes, sneakers and flat sandals are pretty convenient solutions since it’s about the outdoor event that involves a lot of movements.

April is near, which means that you should start thinking about the Coachella outfit you’ll proudly wear at the festival – have a look at the following 17 Coachella inspired outfits that may help you get an idea on what to wear to look trendy and feel comfortable. Let’s start.
Due to the current situation and COVID-19 concerns, Coachella will be rescheduled 2021. Coachella weekend one will take place April 9 – 11, 2021 and weekend two will be April 16 – 18, 2021. Stagecoach is set for April 23 – 25, 2021.  Purchasers will be notified on how to obtain a refund if they aren’t able to attend the festival on the rescheduled date.

Wear Lightweight Tops

The best type of garment you can choose to wear at Coachella is a thin and lightweight top that will allow you to move and dance seamlessly. It’s recommended to wear something long-sleeved to protect your skin from the sun. For example:

HeyYou Basic Black Bandeau Crop Top + HeyYou Basic Black Knit Midi Skirt + Gray Cropped Button Up Flannel Shirt

Grey Cropped Button Up Flannel Shirt
HeyYou Basic Black Bandeau Crop Top
HeyYou Basic Black Knit Midi Skirt
Gray Cropped Button Up Flannel Shirt is an inevitable part of the festival attire. Paired with Black Crop Top and Black Midi Skirt, it represents a great Coachella outfit that is in line with the fashion of 2020.

The shirt will protect your skin from the sun and provide you with a rebellious look that's so convenient for the festivals and similar events.

Wear Jeans and Pants

If you want to put comfort first, you should include jeans or pants to your Coachella outfit. You’ll never go wrong with such garments, especially if you pair them with funny and cute tops and comfy shoes. Have a look at the following pants-inspired Coachella attire:

HeyYou Top + High-Waisted Pants

HeyYou Basic Black Cropped Sweatshirt
Black High Waisted Relaxed Side Snap Trouser
To achieve casual look apt for festivals, you should go for the attire made of High-Waisted Relaxed Side Snap Trousers and HeyYou Basic Black Cropped Sweatshirt. Such an outfit is convenient for chillier weeks at the festival, but it can also protect your skin from burning. The sweatshirt is cropped, which is why you probably won’t be hot even if the temperatures are a bit higher.

If you’d like to wear something other than a sweatshirt, we recommend you check HeyYou Basic Cropped Knit in Olive, which is perfectly paired with Olive High-Waisted Knit Side Snap Pants. No matter which apparel you chose in the end, you’ll shine at Coachella 2020.

Consider Shorts as a Must for Coachella

Shorts have always been an excellent choice for Coachella, regardless of their type and design. Just like jeans or pants, shorts can be nicely paired with tops or tees in different colors. If you want to emphasize your Coachella spirit, consider the following outfit that involves a pair of shorts.

High-Waisted Shorts + Victorian Cropped Blouse

Black High Waisted Suiting Short
You won’t have the blues in this light blue Coachella outfit, but you'll look as if you came from the red carpet. The shorts are quite trendy and versatile, while the Victorian top will add a dose of sexiness to your overall look.

Stay tuned and get notified when this apparel comes to our store. Meanwhile, check other amazing colors of High-Waisted Suiting Shorts that are available now!

Wear Different Skirt Lengths

Most Coachella looks include different skirt lengths and designs. They are perfectly paired with boots and cute tops, which altogether provide an authentic cowboy look that’s more than suitable for the festivals in general. One such attire is something worth considering:

HeyYou Basic Black Strappy Bodysuit + Black Faux Leather Button Front Mini Skirt + Black Flannel Cowboy Duster

Black Flannel Cowboy Duster
Black Faux Leather Skirt is able to create some of the most alluring Coachella outfits that fit every girl. When it’s paired with a Black Strappy Bodysuit and Black Flannel Cowboy Duster, it creates a look that says festival. To complete this gorgeous attire, wear cowboy boots, and get ready for the main stage.

Don’t Forget the Dresses

A typical Coachella dress comes in floral, indie, and bohemian designs, but the truth is that you can wear virtually any style that makes you feel comfy and beautiful. Dresses can be paired with boots, sneakers, sandals, or chucks, and bring different and quite exciting festival looks. Take a look at the following apparel that’s casual and sexy at the same time:

HeyYou Basic Crème Ribbed Sleeveless Turtleneck + Black Faux Leather Overall Dress

Black Faux Leather Overall Dress
A layered look is always the right choice for music festivals, especially when it’s created with style. The apparel made of HeyYou Basic Crème Ribbed Sleeveless Turtleneck and Black Faux Leather Overall Dress is a fabulous look that’s appropriate not only for Coachella but also for parties and events that come before or after it. It's casual and sexy at the same time, which is why it's ideal for occasions such as Coachella.
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Opt for Jumpsuits for Extra Comfort

If you are a fan of one-piece garments, but you'd rather not wear dresses, jumpsuits are the right choice for you. They are suitable for the spring weather, especially when you choose the flowy ones with romantic, floral patterns. Still, you won’t go wrong even if you select monochromatic styles, such as this one:

Straight Neck Jumpsuit in Red

Straight Neck Jumpsuit in Red
Straight Neck Jumpsuit in Red is a romantic piece of clothes that you can wear practically anywhere, including the festivals. It can be an ideal Coachella attire for all the girls that want to express their youth and free spirit. Despite its elegance, this jumpsuit can be perfect for casual events, especially when you pair it with sandals and sunglasses.

Bring Outerwear Just in Case

Weather can be unpredictable, which is why you should be prepared for both strong wind and burning sun. Therefore, it’s recommended to bring outerwear to the festival to protect your skin from burning or cold. You may want to consider denim jackets, leather jackets, fur coats, blazers, or cardigans – the choice is yours.

Apart from providing you with some kind of shield, outerwear can add an extra layer of style to your outfit. For example:

Black Faux Patent Leather Trucker Jacket + Teal Polka Dot Ruched Front Tank Dress

Teal Polka Dot Ruched Front Tank Dress
This Black Faux Patent Leather Trucker Jacket is a versatile garment that can complete various styles and make you look even more stunning. It’s convenient for Coachella since it’s quite trendy and casual, even when it’s paired with a Teal Polka Dot Ruched Front Tank Dress, which can also be a pretty elegant outfit.

10 Celebrity Coachella Outfits You’ll Find Inspiring

Celebrities are those that often inspire other people in terms of fashion, self-acceptance, development, and other spheres of life most people are struggling with. Famous people won't miss Coachella or other popular events around the states, and they must show there well-dressed in order to make a strong impression on their fans and media.

Girls are often trying to copy the styles they see at celebrities, but such an effort isn’t always fruitful. Still, we have come up with some ideas on what to wear to Coachella and resemble your favorite celebrity.

1. Twist Top + White High-Waisted Shorts

You'll never go wrong with black and white, and neither will Shay Mitchell. She chose one of the most adaptable outfits for Coachella, and we must say that she chose very well. Twist top is a trendy garment that can be paired with different types of pants and shorts, such as the one she is wearing, and bare shoulders have always been sexy.
coachella fashion

2. Polka Dot Dress in Black

Dresses that come in polka dot pattern form part of cute Coachella outfits, and Rebeca Black knows why. She looks lovely in her dress, which she paired with a similarly patterned choker, pink sunglasses, backpack, and a bunch of rings. Such an outfit is apt for music festivals, and the good thing is that you can wear it even after the event.
coachella outfit

3. Polka Dot Dress and Combat Boots

Polka dot pattern will be prevalent this April, just like it was the last year. We can see that Georgia Fowler achieved a pretty punk look in this dress and combat boots, which is the perfect apparel for Coachella.
best coachella outfits

4. Lace Cami Top + Satin Shorts

Although the combination of satin and lace may seem too elegant, it can also be a suitable choice for casual events. Hari Nef decided to come to Coachella all in white satin, and we think that she made the right choice – we bet that she could dance and move all night without much trouble.
coachella outfits women

5. Lavender Mini Bodycon Dress

A simple mini bodycon dress in the lavender color is always an adequate solution. Leomie Anderson chose one for the last year's Coachella, and she looked stunning in it. This is another proof that simplicity can be quite sexy and alluring, and we recommend you go for a similar style if you admire the power of minimalism.
coachella looks

6. Draped Sleeve Dress

Victoria Justice set the rules in the Coachella fashion last year. She wore a red maxi dress with draped sleeves, enhanced with a stylish and chic black belt with silver details. She looked amazing in the dress, especially since she paired it with a black dress and jewelry.
coachella inspired outfits

7. Off the Shoulder Dress

Off the shoulder, dresses are among the most popular Coachella outfits women tend to wear. Jasmine Tookes looked gorgeous in one such dress at the festival, and we guess you'll look amazing in it, too. These dresses are often lightweight and comfy, which means that they are suitable for outdoor events held in spring.
7.	Off the Shoulder Dress

8. Plaid Off the Shoulder Dress

Plaid dresses are something you'll see a lot at Coachella. They have always been trendy and suitable for festivals, and you’ll love them even more when you see Emma Roberts wearing one such piece. Her dress is quite stylish and casual, especially when enriched with sunglasses that make this entire outfit cooler.

9. Western Style with Fringe

Western-style is always welcome at Coachella – fringes, hats, cowboy boots, and badges are just a part of this exciting trend, which has become quite popular over the last couple of years. Amanda Stanton looks fantastic in a pink fringe skirt, a jacket, a white top, and boots, which make one of the most attractive outfits for Coachella.
Western Style with Fringe

10. Leopard Print

The last year’s Coachella was also remembered for the leopard print worn by both celebrities and regular visitors. Emily Ratajkowski, for example, wore a bold leopard-print crop top paired with white Levi’s jeans. She looked amazing and in line with the Coachella dress code.
Leopard Print