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Classic Fashion 101: 16 Timeless Styles to Embrace at Any Time

Some styles are timeless, and they can always be your choice regardless of the occasion you’re attending. Classic outfits are simple yet beautiful, and they often include fine natural fabrics, leather shoes, and handbags. Such items will always be on-trend, which is why you should have them in your closet and make sure you’re ready to shine at any time.

Women that prefer classic fashion tend to wear clothes in neutral colors, little black dresses, and monochromatic items. You’ll rarely see them in prints or multicolor clothing – that is not their cup of tea. Still, you may see them in an evergreen leopard print or some trendy bright colors, as well. Their clothes are often high-quality, which means that they can wear them for years.

It’s also one of the numerous advantages of a classic fashion style.If you’re a fan of classic style, you’re at the right place. This post will reveal the top 16 items in line with the timeless fashion, and you’ll surely find something that you like.

What is Classic Style Clothing?

If you prefer simplicity to embellished and enhanced clothing, we can say that your style is classic. However, classic doesn't only refer to the simple and everyday style. When we say classic, we mean quality.

Quality is the essence of classic style. Think about all that movies, songs, plays, and novels that we call classic; although graphics, action, and a singer’s voice are not embellished and complex, they still have the quality that makes them timeless and evergreen. The same is with clothes.

It’s always better to invest more money into buying high-quality pieces that will last longer than into purchasing clothes that will get damaged soon after you’ve got it. Some of the most prominent names on the fashion scene, such as Chanel, have set standards in classic fashion, spreading their vision of refined, evergreen fashion tendencies.

What are the Characteristics of Classic Style?

To embrace an authentic classic style, make sure your wardrobe consists of clean silhouettes, tailored cuts, neutral colors, simple stripes, and minimal detailing. The most prominent feature of classic style fashion is the excellent tailoring, which is the aspect that grabs the eye. Still, you will want to enhance your overall style with some jewelry and red lipstick.

Women that love classic style are quite confident, which is why they don’t want to wear alluring clothes to make an impression. They wear all black or all white, which is why they immediately draw attention.

16 Classis Style Clothes You’ll Love in 2020

The following list will present you with the 16 most stylish classic clothing examples that you may want to consider this year. You'll find items such as trench coats, little black dresses, skirts, shirts, and other garments that will never go out of style – let's start!
classical style clothing

Trench Coats – Timeless Clothing to Wear Every Day

The primary purpose of a trench coat is to protect you from wind and rain. Still, they are quite stylish, high-quality, and always on-trend, which means that you can purchase one and wear it later in life. Since they are not as warm as winter coats, trench coats are often supplied in a large size so that you can wear layers underneath them.

These coats are classy and evergreen, which is why you should have one in your closet.

Black Tailored Trench Coat

A Black Tailored Trench Coat is an incredibly trendy item that you can wear whenever you want and look sophisticated. You can pair it with a dress, pants, skirt, or any other piece in which you feel comfortable and beautiful. This coat is featured by the collared neck, long sleeves, self-belt at the waist, slant side pockets, and high-quality fabric that allows you to wear it for years.

Pencil and High-Waisted Skirts – Classy & Timeless Fashion Pieces

Skirts are generally an exquisite garment that women love to wear whenever they want to enhance their elegance and style. Still, when it comes to the classic women’s fashion, pencil skirts are a must. They are quite attractive since they can be slimming and adequate for accentuating your silhouette. These skirts can be an excellent choice for the office, but you can wear them at practically any time.

Pencil skirts come in different colors, shapes, designs, lengths, and materials. That said, you have a broad range of opportunities that match your style. A pencil skirt can be paired with a blouse, sleeveless tops, a turtleneck, a shirt, or something else you find convenient. If you want to enhance your figure and look elegant, go for high-waisted pencil skirts, which are a pretty classy piece.

Blush Faux Leather Pencil Skirt

To make sure you look elegant and trendy, don’t hesitate to go for a Blush Faux Leather Pencil Skirt. It’s characterized by midi length, back zipper closure, faux leather, and full lining, which is why it’s pretty popular among women that want to embrace classic fashion style. It also comes in the black color, which is another elegant choice you won't go wrong with, especially if you prefer dark colors to the bright ones.

Basic Knit Midi Skirt

A Basic Knit Midi Skirt is a wardrobe essential – it’s an evergreen piece that will always be on-trend and ready to be paired with any garment that you like. A skirt like this one is convenient for diverse types of occasions, no matter what kind of style you want to embrace. It comes in eight different colors, and it’s featured by a midi length, soft knit fabric, and a stretch fit. It’s a classy piece that will impact your self-esteem and help you make a strong impression, no matter where you are.

Black Leopard Satin Slip Midi Skirt

If you want to bring some joy to your classic style, we suggest you check out a Black Leopard Satin Slip Midi Skirt. It’s a unique item that will help you upgrade your style and allow you to be noticed regardless of the occasion you’re attending. Pair it with a shirt or top in the monochromatic color and a pair of pumps, and you’ll look classy and gorgeous.

Little Black Dress – Timeless Styles that Will Last Forever

Little black dresses (LBDs) are an essential piece that’s suitable for almost any event – clubbing, a date, a job interview, or anything else. It comes in various lengths, designs, and models so that every girl can find her cup of tea. Since it’s mostly simple, a little black dress can be significantly enhanced with proper heels and jewelry to get a more polished and stylish look.

And don’t let the dark color fool you – it will highlight your appearance and make you look fresh and ready to seize the day.

Basic Black Ribbed Crew Neck Midi Dress

No matter whether you're going to work or the club, a Basic Black Ribbed Crew Neck Midi Dress can be your pick. It represents a mixture of simplicity and sexiness, which is why we can say that it's an essential part of classic fashion. It's unique and high-quality, especially due to its classy midi length and a rib-knit fabric that's always fashion-forward.

Basic Black Strapless Midi Bodycon Dress

A Basic Black Strapless Midi Bodycon Dress is a sophisticated and a head-turning piece that's an excellent choice for semi-formal events where you want to show off your perfect body figure and look chic. The dress is characterized by a stretch fit and super soft fabric, which is why you'll feel comfortable while looking extremely sexy at the same time.

Basic Black Midi Bodycon Dress

Another simple yet elegant piece that should form part of your classic style is a Basic Black Midi Bodycon Dress. Although it's described as basic, this dress is everything but it – it has a square neck, a perfect midi length, and a subtle sheen, which are the details that will enhance your fashion spirit and make you look fabulous while wearing this flawless piece.

Basic Black Ribbed Tank Dress

Only the brave ones will dare to wear a Basic Black Ribbed Tank Dress. It's a classic and sexy piece that will accentuate every inch of your body and make you look extremely attractive and stylish. Pair it with nice pumps, jewelry, and a tiny bag, and you'll have an outfit just like those from the red carpet.

Pants – A Part of Classic Style Women Love

Trousers, joggers, and jeans should be a part of your wardrobe since they allow you to embrace classic fashion entirely. They come in diverse designs that are convenient for lots of events – both casual and those that require a dose of elegance. An excellent and high-quality pair of pants allow you to create different groovy and timeless styles you’ll wear with confidence.

High-Waisted Relaxed Side Snap Trousers

A pair of High-Waisted Relaxed Side Snap Trousers is an extravagant pick that can’t wait to be shown to the world. It comes in four sophisticated colors, and each of them can upgrade your style and take it to the next level. Apart from its marvelous high-waisted design, this pair has an elasticized back, concealed fly, side stripe with snaps, back besom pockets, wide legs, and other details that make these pants unique and classic.

High-Waisted Relaxed Side Zip Trousers

The simplicity is a key to achieving a classic and timeless look – it is successfully applied to High-Waisted Relaxed Side Zip Trousers, which are a fantastic piece in which you'll look classy and beautiful. They come in six unique colors that will never go out of style, and they're characterized by the details such as wide legs, relaxed fit, back besom pockets, and more. Overall, this pair is a must if you want to be in line with timeless fashion.

Blazers – Sophisticated Classical Clothing Style

Blazers have always been a classy piece of clothing that used to give a dose of elegance and style to all the women that wear them. Blazers come in diverse designs and colors, and they are not only convenient for semi-formal events, but they can also be an ideal pick for casual and everyday occasions when you want to boost your style with some smart moves.

Charcoal Double Breasted Striped Blazer

Stripes are an essential detail that describes the classic fashion. Therefore, you should check out the Charcoal Double Breasted Striped Blazer, which is something that will complete your style and add a dose of classiness to your overall look. Pair it with striped pants and stilettos to get an outstanding look everyone will remember for a long time.

Black Cape Blazer

An item such as a Black Cape Blazer is an incredibly fashionable garment that will take your look to the next level. Thanks to its simplicity enhanced with peaked front with hook and eye closure, this blazer is an excellent choice for both casual and semi-formal occasions, especially when paired with a unique pair of pants, stilettos, and big earrings. You can choose between the three attractive colors – black, chestnut, and red.

Beige Cropped Blazer

A key to achieving an effortless and classic look lies in a Beige Cropped Blazer. It’s an amazing item that allows you to create different stylish outfits convenient for office, night out, or casual evening walks with friends. A single front button closure and a front welt pocket make this blazer a unique and on-trend pick suitable for every woman that wants to accentuate her style and love for minimalism. It also comes in the navy color.

Off White Beaded Fringe Asymmetrical Blazer

If you have an exceptional eye for detail and love groovy pieces that make a statement, you’ll love an Off White Beaded Fringe Asymmetrical Blazer. It’s a pretty classic and unique item enhanced with a double front button closure, flirty asymmetrical cut, and a chic beaded fringe hem that will make sure you don’t go unnoticed no matter where you are. If you’re fond of darker colors, you can purchase this blazer in the black tone, as well.

Shirts & Blouses – Classic Clothing for Women of All Ages

Shirts and blouses are the classic items that can always be a great choice for completing your outfit. Both garments can be paired with a bunch of different pieces and create amazing looks convenient for diverse occasions. They come in different colors, designs, and patterns, which impacts their versatility and ability to adapt to anyone’s style.

White Polka Dot Blouse

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A simple white shirt is a must. It allows you to provide different styles and look trendy and amazing, but we must note that it’s also an inevitable part of the classic fashion. That said, upgrade your closet with a White Polka Dot Blouse, which is a compelling piece you can pair with pants, skirt, or shorts, and enhance it with cute jewelry and killer heels.

Mandarin Collar Button Up Top

A Mandarin Collar Button Up Top is a perfectly designed piece that will enhance your classic style and make you feel comfortable in your skin as you’re wearing it. It’s made of high-quality and breathable fabrics, which bring a dose of pleasant feeling, while its front button closure, mandarin collar detail, and balloon sleeves with button cuff are the features that make sure you're wearing a chic item in line with the latest fashion trends. It comes in three light colors that will bring extra joy to your style.