15 Chic & Casual Outfit Ideas Worth Considering in 2020

casual outfits for women
Girls tend to put pretty much effort into their look – high-heeled stilettos, tight tops, dresses, and wired bras are just a small piece of the much bigger picture of what they tend to wear. Such clothes can be quite uncomfortable, and we usually can’t wait to get rid of them. Still, the truth is that we can look gorgeous and feel comfy at the same time, and the secret lies in casual clothing.

Dressing casual saves a lot of your time and makes sure you feel fabulous and relaxed. The biggest advantage of casual wear lies in the versatility and the ability to pair your clothes with a bunch of different garments such as jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, sneakers, or other types of shoes.

This article will show you 15 casual clothes for women, as well as the occasions in which you can wear them and look fantastic.

Casual Outfit in the Office

Although we tend to associate the office with some serious, semi-formal outfits, the truth is that we can also relax in our workplace. More and more companies are embracing a more fun and casual style of business attire, which means that employees can ditch their business suit and conservative shoe. Still, it doesn’t mean they can come to work as if they were going to the beach!

Summer casual outfit for work may include wrap dresses or those loose-fitting ones that don’t reveal too much cleavage or legs, linen pants, joggers, and short-sleeve tops or shirts that can be entirely suitable for a business environment. For example:

1. Lavender High Neck Satin Short Sleeve Top

Spring and summer days bring a dose of joy followed by bright colors and short sleeves. You can also bring joy to your office by wearing a Lavender High Neck Satin Short Sleeve Top. It’s suitable for the office environment thanks to its sleek design, high neck, and other details that bring a dose of elegance to this pretty classic and casual outfit.

It comes in four classy shades you can pair with pants, jeans, and cute shoes.

2. Navy Cropped Blazers

Navy Cropped Blazer
Even though they’re often considered more formal, blazers can be casual, as well. Go for a Navy Cropped Blazer at work, and make sure you look both sophisticated and relaxed. Such a blazer can be paired with a tank top, high-waisted jeans/trousers, or even sneakers if your company allows such a dress code.
Even though they’re often considered more formal, blazers can be casual, as well. Go for a Navy Cropped Blazer at work, and make sure you look both sophisticated and relaxed. Such a blazer can be paired with a tank top, high-waisted jeans/trousers, or even sneakers if your company allows such a dress code.

3. Olive Ribbed Crew Neck Midi Dress

We have already mentioned midi dresses as convenient solutions for offices, regardless of the season. Although they’re often considered elegant, midi dresses can be quite casual and comfy, which is essential for women that spend most of their time sitting in the office.

HeyYou BasicOlive Ribbed Crew Neck is a piece worth considering if you want to enhance your classiness and take your comfort to the next level. Choose among the four neutral shades and be ready for both work and after-work party.

4. Black High-Waisted Relaxed Side Snap Trousers

Black High Waisted Relaxed Side Snap Trouser
Black High-Waisted Relaxed Side Snap Trousers are a chic and comfy choice your co-workers will notice for sure. Such a garment can be perfectly paired with a top, turtleneck, a shirt, or any piece that comes to your mind and follows your company’s dress code.

5. Slate Knit Midi Skirt

HeyYou Basic Slate Knit Midi Skirt
Together with midi-length dresses, midi skirts are a suitable option for your workplace. A piece like a HeyYou BasicSlate Knit Midi Skirt is a pretty convenient everyday piece that allows you to create different casual outfits in line with the latest fashion tendencies.

Depending on your company’s dress code, you can pair this skirt with sneakers/heels, a denim jacket, blazer, or something else you like to wear.

Casual Outfit on the Streets

When we say streets, we refer to an everyday style that includes walks, brunches, coffee with friends, or even running some errands. All these activities allow women to embrace a more casual style and enjoy the comfort they might lack during the working hours.

Therefore, all the pieces that include skinny or baggy jeans, sneakers, flats, boots, tops, dresses, and other garments in which you feel beautiful will be ideal choices for your everyday activities. Have a look at the following ideas you may want to consider:

1. Olive Long Sleeve Cropped Blouse

Feeling comfortable while still looking elegant is now possible with Olive Long Sleeve Cropped Blouse, which should form part of your casual outfit. Such a piece can be ideally paired with jeans and sneakers, which is quite suitable for both day and evening walks or lunch in the mall.The blouse comes in four unique colors that can add a dose of excitement to your overall look, creating a casual chic outfit.

2. Baseball T-Shirt in White and Gray

HeyYou Basic Baseball T-Shirt in White and Grey
When you want to enhance your casual style, you can do it with a HeyYou BasicBaseball T-Shirt in White and Gray. Such a garment is suitable for everyday errands and walks during warm spring days when you want to enjoy the sun while feeling comfy.

It can be paired with jeans or shorts and look gorgeous on every girl.

3. Sand Snap-Front Ribbed Crop Top

Crop tops are a convenient choice for casual days when you want to hit the streets with style. Therefore, you won't go wrong with a HeyYou BasicSnap Front Ribbed Crop Top, which is a cute and stylish piece of clothing that can be paired with different jeans and shorts styles.

The best thing about such a crop top is the fact that you can wear it with sneakers and sweatpants and still look incredibly gorgeous. Choose between the four nude shades and leave your home with confidence.

4. Red Off the Shoulder Flannel Dress

Red Off the Shoulder Flannel Dress
When you are not in the mood to find a pair of jeans and a top (which can take forever), you can enhance your casual style even with a dress – a Red Off the Shoulder Flannel Dress, for example.

It’s quite a fashionable and comfortable garment that’s suitable for everyday activities, but you won’t go wrong even if you choose it as your night out outfit. It's made of a classic flannel enhanced with an off-the-shoulder design, button-front closures, and a single patch pocket.

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5. Light Pink Long Sleeve Cropped Hoodie

Whenever you want to embrace an entirely casual style, you can do it with a HeyYou BasicLight Pink Long Sleeve Cropped Hoodie. It’s quite a stylish and comfy garment that can be paired with different pieces and create fabulous casual outfits in which you'll look and feel amazing.

It comes in six different colors that will take your style to the next level and provide you with the highest dose of comfort and confidence.

Casual Outfit at Parties

Who says you can’t dress casual at parties? In fact, casual outfits can sometimes look much better than some elegant garments that may also be quite uncomfortable. You won’t go wrong if you choose to wear skinny jeans and a fitted top at the party, as well as a simple, comfy dress in which you feel beautiful.

Have a look at the following garments that will provide a chic yet effortless night out outfits you'll love:

1. Mini Button Up Dress in Peach Polka Dots

Mini Button Up Dress in Peach Polka Dots
The polka dot pattern is quite suitable for spring nights when you want to achieve an effortless look and look incredibly cute. In that case, go for a Mini Button U Dress in Peach Polka Dots, which is a unique and flirty garment convenient for casual night outs when you want to enjoy the cocktails and have a good time.

You can pair it with small or big heels, depending o9n your preferences, but both options will provide you with a gorgeous look.

2. Indigo Cap Sleeve Mini Dress

Indigo Cap Sleeve Mini Dress
When we’re speaking of fancy casual outfits, we shouldn’t forget to mention an Indigo Cap Sleeve Mini Dress, which is a convenient choice for all the women that want to accentuate their tendencies toward simplicity and want to dance seamlessly during the night out.

It can be worn with both heels and flats, and you can enhance it with some jewelry if you prefer such a look

3. Gray Oversized Distressed T-Shirt Dress

Grey Oversized Distressed T-Shirt Dress
Although it may look like you’ve stolen your boyfriend’s T-shirt, a Gray Oversized Distressed T-Shirt Dress is perfectly silhouetted to flatter your figure. It comes in three different colors that can be an adequate choice for nights out when you want to enjoy seamlessly.

This casual dress for women is also suitable for everyday wear when you want to take your style to the next level.

4. Black Sleek Straight Neck Crop Top

HeyYou Basic Black Sleek Straight Neck Crop Top
Crop tops can create a lot of casual outfits for nights out since they are a quite sexy yet relaxed piece of clothing. Have a look at a HeyYouBasicSleek Straight Neck Crop Top, which can be perfectly paired with skinny jeans, a mini skirt, or shorts, depending on your preferences and style you want to achieve.

You can make it “dressier” by adding some jewelry and other accessories that will enhance your overall style in a classy way.

5. Green Plaid Crop Top

A garment suitable for casual nights out is a Green Plaid Cropped Top. It is a convenient choice for all the girls that love the rock style and want to enjoy their nights in something comfy and stylish.

Such a garment can be paired with ripped jeans and leather jackets and create an outfit that won't go unnoticed.
casual clothes

4 Benefits of Casual Fashion

Believe it or not, casual fashion brings a lot of benefits, especially if your company allows a bit more relaxed outfit at work. A casual outfit is believed to bring more productivity at work and impact a more positive atmosphere among co-workers. Here are four reasons why companies should encourage their employees to dress more casually and why you should embrace such a style whenever you can:

1. Casual Clothes Impacts a Better Work Atmosphere

Casual outfits are more comfortable, which makes a person feel more relaxed. Wearing heavy suits and tight dresses during the whole day can be exhausting for women, and it may significantly increase their stress and even produce anxiety.

Casual clothes, on the other hand, reduces stress and makes us feel much better in our skin. When the entire office feels that way, the positive changes in the work atmosphere will be noticeable.

2. Women’s Casual Fashion is More Cost-Effective

Suits and elegant dresses usually are more expensive than some everyday clothes that are convenient for more occasions other than work. Knowing that you need to invest a lot of money to buy outfits for work will increase your stress and make you worry about your finances.

Casual outfits for women are less pricey, which is why you may feel more relaxed knowing that your budget can be spent on some other things other than clothes for work. Still, some fashionable business clothes won’t require you to break the bank – Check out 15 Ultimate Work Apparel and get a 25% discount on some pieces.

3. Casual Looks Allow You to Sleep More in the Morning

Low-maintenance outfits are suitable for those mornings when you want to get some extra sleep or those when you're in a rush. When you don't have to put much effort into your business outfit, you can improve your morning routine and implement some better and healthier habits.

4. Casual Wear for Ladies Gives You the Opportunity to Express Yourself

Work outfits may look like the uniforms, which generally don’t allow individuals to express themselves and their style. Casual office wear, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to embrace your style and let your colleagues get to know you better. Besides, wearing your favorite casual clothes can boost your self-esteem.

It’s essential that almost no company will allow you to come to work in flip-flops or any inappropriate casual clothes.