17 California Clothing Styles You’ll Love (2020 Edition)

California Outfits
Men and women from California are known for their good taste in fashion, which is why people around the world tend to copy their impeccable styles and create outfits that would resemble those worn by the most popular Hollywood stars.

Southern Californians have created the style that reflects their free spirit and the tendency toward vintage fashion. Such an approach has inspired others to incorporate the Californian fashion statements that are timeless but always up to date with the latest changes.

To get fully prepared for your trip or move to California, we have created the list of 17 most common outfits that reflect the Cali clothes style. Take a closer look and find the garments that will encourage you to conquer the streets of California.

California Fashion 101

Before we start showing you the best examples of California women's clothing, we should introduce you to the fundamentals of fashion Californians tend to follow. They prefer a casual style, which means that they enjoy wearing denim jeans, skirts, and shorts, as well as sneakers and sandals.

When it comes to night outs and some more or less formal events that require not-so-casual outfits, you may expect to see girls wearing flirty summer dresses or jeans with cute tops. However, fashion is quite individual, which means that you can see a bunch of different outfits and styles. But, generally speaking, the following garments are those that you should pay attention to:

Shirts in Different Colors, Models, and Designs

Shirts are something you can see on almost every Californian girl. They love cute shirts in different colors and patterns, and they often pair them with denim jeans or shorts. For more formal occasions, they prefer to add a nice pair of heels and jewelry.

You can go for both sleeved and sleeveless shirts throughout the whole year. Depending on the season, you can wear a jacket or a blazer to warm up. Have a look at these three prominent shirt models that match California fashion tendencies:
Grey Cropped Button Up Flannel Shirt
Red Short Sleeve Button Up Flannel Top
Mandarin Collar Button Up Top in Ivory

Gray Cropped Button Up Flannel Shirt

Gray Cropped Button Up Flannel Shirt is a casual garment you can wear during the day in California. Pair it with skinny jeans, boots or sneakers, add some jewelry and get a complete look that’s in line with street fashion.

Red Short Sleeve Button Up Flannel Top

Plaid shirts have always been trendy, which is why Red Short Sleeve Button Up Flannel Shirt should be on your packing list for the trip to California.It can be convenient for both casual walks and parties, and you can wear it with practically anything.

It’s quite versatile, and it lets you create a bunch of different styles that come to your mind.

Mandarin Collar Button Up in Ivory

If you still prefer a more elegant style, then this Mandarin Collar Button Up in Ivory may be the right choice for you. No matter if you wear it with jeans, pants, or skirts, it will bring a dose of sophistication to your style, which is another component of chic California outfits.

Jumpsuits as a Classy California Clothing Style

Although jumpsuits are often considered as more timid options than dresses, the truth is that even these one-piece garments can be quite sexy and classy. They come in different colors, shapes, and patterns, and they can be suitable for different occasions, even while running everyday errands.

Jumpsuits can make you look fabulous on cocktail parties and formal events, especially when paired with a lovely blazer, heels, and a cute clutch. For example:

Straight Neck Jumpsuit in Red

Straight Neck Jumpsuit in Red
A versatile piece you can wear anywhere from your office to the town might be difficult to find, but HeyYou Shop has an adequate solution – Straight Neck Jumpsuit in Red, Black, and White color.

To achieve a flawless office-chic look, pair the jumpsuit with a blazer and cute heels or flats. For a night out with friends, put on some jewelry, and ditch the blazer. Each of the colors can be easily paired with other garments or accessories and worn in the way that suits you the most.

High-Waisted Skirts – A Timeless Choice for All the Ladies

High-waisted skirts are an evergreen item that will never make you look underdressed or overdressed. Such skirts will always remain classy, versatile, and sophisticated choice that’s suitable for various occasions and convenient for pairing with a broad range of tops, shirts, and blouses.

They come in numerous lengths (mini, midi, and maxi), designs, and materials, and you can wear them in the office, in the bar, or during long walks in spring. Let’s see some of the most prominent models of high-waisted skirts in line with the latest California fashion trends:

Faux Patent Leather High-Waisted Mini Skirt

Faux leather skirts are a critical component of the California style fashion. Therefore, check out our Faux Patent Leather High-Waisted Mini Skirt in Black and Plum color that can be ideally paired with turtlenecks, tops, and shirts.

Dusters – Stylish and Warming Pieces

The weather in California may change several times a day, which is why you should have something to cover yourself in case of sudden wind or chillier weather. Since it may be too warm for a jacket, dusters will be an ideal option.

Dusters may remind you of a robe since they are in a similar length, and most of them come with a belt. They are made of different materials, colors, designs, and patterns. You can pair them with dresses and skinny jeans and make them suitable for everyday wear.

Nude Track Duster + Crème Cowl Neck Satin Cami Top

Nude Track Duster
Nude colors are trendy and convenient for most of the occasions, including both casual and formal ones. Therefore, you'll definitely look gorgeous in this Nude Track Duster, pants, and Crème Cowl Neck Satin Cami Top.

Such an attire represents one of the gorgeous California girl outfits, which will make you look cute and attractive during the day and the evening.

Olive Everyday Duster

If you prefer more casual garments you can wear practically every day, let us show you this Olive Everyday Duster, which is quite versatile and suitable for pairing with different pieces of clothes.

It comes in three more colors – chestnut, red, and black. Each of the colors is attractive in their own way, and they can complete every California outfit that comes to your mind.

Loose and Fit Clothes to Reflect the Californian Simplicity

We have already mentioned the Californians' tendency towards simplicity and casual style. Therefore, you'll never be wrong if you go for simple outfits that allow you to pair whatever you want and still look lovely!

The loose and fit look is suitable for both work and events such as concerts and movies. Apart from providing you with a fantastic look, such clothes will make you feel trendy and comfortable.

Olive Long-Sleeve Cropped Blouse

Olive Long-Sleeve Cropped Blouse is the reflection of the simplicity Californians love so much. Wear it with jeans and boots and achieve the classy and chic look that will inspire you to move forward and complete your everyday tasks without much effort.

It also comes in black, key lime, and red color, which can be nicely paired with different garments.

Floral Designs as a Critical Option for Californian Beaches

If you ever wondered how California summer outfits look, the answer lies in floral designs. They are prevalent in tops and dresses, but you can also see them in jumpsuits, pants, and skirts. Florals are an inevitable pattern that completes California outfits during hot days, and they can be a perfect solution for beaches, amusement parks, or cocktail parties held outside.

Passion Floral Bell-Sleeved Mini Dress

Passion Floral Bell Sleeved Mini Dress
A floral mini dress has always been a lovely garment that girls love to wear in summer. If you are a fan of floral patterns, then consider this Passion Floral Bell-Sleeved Mini Dress, which is a combo of modern and a classic 60s design. The bell sleeves make this dress cute and unique, and the overall design makes it convenient for California parties.

Red Floral Ruched Mini Skirt

Red Floral Ruched Mini Skirt
Floral, summer-alike skirts are also something that you should prepare for your trip to California. They are excellent for beaches and parties, especially since they’re flirty and breezy. One such piece is Red Floral Ruched Mini Skirt – it’s made of lightweight fabric, it’s fully lined, and it can be paired with different kinds of tops and shoes.

Blue Floral Long Sleeve Cropped Blouse

Blue Floral Long Sleeve Cropped Blouse
Apart from California summer dresses and skirts in florals, we should mention the tops that come in a similar design. Blue Floral Long Sleeve Cropped Blouse is a piece that’s worth considering since it’s quite versatile and suitable for Californian summer nights that are chillier than usual.

Are you interested in more cute summer outfits? Check out these 15 Ultimate Apparel Ideas for Women in 2020 and pick among chic and trendy pieces that would make you a true Cali girl.

Blazers – Garments that Never Go Out of Style

Blazers – Garments that Never Go Out of StyleBlazers are one of those items you should have in your wardrobe for various reasons. They symbolize professionalism, style, and sophistication, which is why women find it convenient for diverse occasions that require semi-formal dress code.

Depending on their design, blazers can also be casual and suitable for everyday wear. Girls often choose them for night outs and dinners with friends, wearing them together with jeans, pants, skirts, dresses, or jumpsuits.

Still, if you want to be a real Californian, we suggest you pair the blazer with jeans and look classy and casual at the same time.

Plaid Cold Shoulder Blazer

Plaid Cold Shoulder Blazer
Bare shoulders are quite sexy, and they definitely are a great solution for girls that want to make a strong impression. If you’re one of them, then you should try this Plaid Cold Shoulder Blazer. It’s trendy and attractive, and it can be paired with different garments – depending on which ones you choose, you can achieve various looks.
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Off White Beaded Fringe Asymmetrical Blazer

Looking for something you can wear to both business dinners and night outs? Let’s have a look at Off White Beaded Fringe Asymmetrical Balzer – a unique item with a double front button closure, fun asymmetrical cut, flap pockets, and a chic beaded fringe hem.

This blazer comes in two colors – white and black – and both of them can be nicely paired with jeans, heels, and an elegant clutch.

Black Cape Blazer

Black Cape Blazer
A blazer that can be elegant and casual at the same time is this Black Cape Blazer. You must wear it if you want to follow California street fashion, which is a combo of casual but classy clothes that emphasized a woman’s character and style. You can choose between the chestnut and red color, as well.Pair it with skinny jeans, boots, and a mini bag, and get ready to conquer hot, Californian streets.

Mini Dresses – The Nucleus of Cute California Outfits

Mini dresses are a critical part of the cute and charming summer California outfits. They are a gem of the 21st-century fashion, primarily because they come in different designs and patterns suitable for almost every girl’s taste.

Mini dresses will emphasize your youth and free spirit, which is one of the most prominent characters of the Californian people. Thanks to the diversity of the models offered at HeyYou Shop, you can find the item that will fit you perfectly, and in which you’ll feel attractive and confident.

Houndstooth Print Bustier Dress

Houndstooth Print Bustier Dress
Houndstooth Print Bustier Dress is a sexy and adorable garment that will bring you an extra dose of confidence. It comes with underwired cups and adjustable shoulder straps, which you can set so that they fit right. You can pair it with nice heels, a blazer or leather jacket, and a cute mini bag.

Gray Oversized Distressed T-Shirt Dress

Grey Oversized Distressed T-Shirt Dress
The best way to emphasize your casual style is by wearing oversized clothes that are quite trendy and convenient for everyday wear. Have a look at this Gray Oversized Distressed T-Shirt Dress that is perfectly silhouetted to flatter your figure despite its baggy style. It can be paired with both heels and flats (even sneakers) and enhanced with lovely jewelry for the evening occasions.

Camel ¾ Sleeve Mini Dress

Olive 3/4 Sleeve Mini Dress
Mini dresses can be worn even during colder months when your wardrobe should be enriched with this Camel ¾ Sleeve Mini Dress. It comes with a pretty unique lace-up center front detail, and you can choose between two different and neutral earthy-toned colored options – camel and olive.