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10 Best Tank Tops to Enhance Your Style in Different Ways

Tank tops can’t go unnoticed when it comes to the wardrobe staples and the most versatile pieces in a girl’s closet. A basic tank top is a perfect solution for every occasion from busy Monday mornings to brunches and nights out. They bring a dose of the timeless minimalistic fashion trends, and you can never go wrong with outfits that include a great tank.

The best women's tank tops come in a wide variety of styles and colors, which makes them pretty convenient for creating different looks and styles. Pair your favorite item with a skirt, shorts, jeans, blazer, and an adequate pair of shoes, and you're ready to go.

Let us show you the 10 best tank tops for women from the HeyYou collection and take a look at the best examples of how to style them.

What is Tank Top?

A tank top is defined as a body-fitting sleeveless collarless shirt with straps and no front opening. However, we shouldn’t be limited to this statement since a typical tank top has gone through various modifications, which resulted in “hybrid” versions of this timeless item. That said, you may find tanks with collars, spaghetti stripes, and those with a loose fit.

10 Most Fashionable Tank Tops in 2020

Let’s take a look at the 10 most fabulous tank top models available at HeyYou online shop. Each model is made from the highest-quality material and an elevated dose of classic style that will remain on-trend.

So, if you’re wondering what’s the best place to buy tank tops, HeyYou is the answer. Let’s explore!

1.    Ribbed Tank Top ($24.00)

A Ribbed Tank Top is a definition of the timeless and minimalistic style. It features super soft rib knit fabric, a scoop neck, and two color options (black and white). These ribbed tank tops are an excellent choice for everyday demands, but you can also wear them for nights out and casual hangouts with girlfriends.

2.    Straight Neck Crop Top ($38.00)

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A Straight Neck Crop Top reflects the chic versatility and an incredible level of comfort and style. It’s pretty unique and fabulously designed, which allows you to pair it with different kinds of pants, skirts, and shorts. It’s suitable for both casual and dressier occasions, where you’ll feel an enhanced dose of confidence.

3.    Straight Neck Tank Top ($28.00)

If you're looking for the best white tank top, we recommend the Straight Neck Tank Top, the most versatile player on our list. Thanks to its minimalism and classic design, you can pair it with anything that comes to your mind and achieve an effortlessly chic look. This top is also available in nude and black colors.

4.    Twist Front Hi-Low Top ($88.00)

A Twist Front Hi-Low Top is one of the best summer tops for women who want to show some boldness and high style. This piece is unique and lightweight, and it's incredibly convenient for outdoor summer parties and events where you want to show off your sexiness and fashion-forward apparel. It's available in three colors – bronze, midnight, and silver – but you can choose between the cheetah and paint splash prints if you want something sharper.
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5.    Ribbed Sleeveless Turtleneck ($28.00)

Here comes one of the most fashion-forward tank tops you have seen so far. A Ribbed Sleeveless Turtleneck is a fantastic piece you can wear anytime you want to boost your overall look and provide it with a dose of minimalistic beauty. This stunner comes in eight different colors, from light to vibrant ones, so it's suitable for everyone's preferences.

6.    Lace Cami Top ($48.00)

A Lace Cami Top is a definition of sexy tank tops for women. This white dressy tank top features a unique lace detail along neckline, the satin fabric, racerback straps, five color options, and four compelling prints and patterns that provide you with a unique style that won’t go unnoticed. It’s an excellent example of loose tank tops that perfectly fit any body type.

7.    Cowl Neck Satin Cami Top ($48.00)

A Cowl Neck Satin Cami Top is one of the most stylish women’s summer tops. It’s made from the satin fabric, it has a draped neckline, and it’s available in five jewel-toned colors that will boost any outfit you create and provide it with a dose of luxurious beauty.

8.    Baseball Top in White and Red ($38.00)

Go for a Baseball Top in White and Red if you’re looking for the best gym tank tops. This model is made from the 100% cotton that brings an increased dose of comfort, and it will perfectly meet all your athletic needs. It can also be a convenient resort attire you can pair with shorts and enjoy the beautiful sunsets and breeze. You can opt for other color options if you like them more.

9.    Tank Bodysuit ($28.00)

The best fitted tank tops come in the form of the bodysuit. A Strappy Bodysuit from our collection is made from soft materials that enhance your comfort while bringing an impeccable style suitable for different occasions. It comes in seven versatile colors you can style with other garments quite easily.

10.    Off-the-Shoulder Top ($28.00)

The Off-the-Shoulder Top is among the best basic tank tops you can wear whenever you need an extra touch of softness and style. Its unique off-the-shoulder design takes this simple piece to the next level and allows you to create plenty of fashion-forward outfits.

7 Amazing Ideas for Styling a Tank Top Women Will Love

This staple can create plenty of different looks that reflect trendiness and style. It is great for a variety of settings, including the office, formal events, casual hangouts, or gym. If you need some fresh ideas on how to style a tank top, you're in the right place – let's have a look at the 7 ultimate outfit ideas you'll love.

1.    Go for a Statement Top

Statement Top
You’ll never go wrong with a statement top you don’t need to hide underneath your clothes. Make your top the center of attention by pairing it with pants, skirt, or leggings, and if you prefer long tank tops for women, you can always tuck them in. You can add accessories to enhance your overall look.

2.    Pair Your Favorite Top with a Button-Up Shirt

Top with a Button-Up Shirt
A nice flannel shirt can add a high dose of joy to your outfit. It will provide a casual street look you can see in the streets of Los Angeles and other cities known for their evergreen fashion. You can style the shirt in many different ways – tie it around your waist, wear it unbuttoned, or button it up halfway – the choice is yours.

3.    Wear Jacket or Blazer

3.	Wear Jacket or Blazer
You can always add a jacket or a blazer to your outfit and wear a tank top even during the colder seasons. Apart from keeping you warm, such outerwear will boost your style and provide a more fashion-forward look.

4.    Pair a Tank Top with a Bold Print

Tank Top with a Bold Print
Since tank tops are quite versatile and (mostly) monochromatic, you're allowed to pair them with bolder prints. Matching a plain tank with an alluring print will create a fantastic contrast to your overall look, which has always been a great fashion trend.

5.    Pick a Pencil Skirt

Pencil Skirt
Simple tank tops can also create dressy looks. Pair them with a stylish pencil skirt and get a professional look suitable for the office or similar settings. You can always enhance the look with a belt or a blazer.

6.    Consider High-Waisted Shorts

Consider High-Waisted Shorts
A duster can provide your look with a touch of effortlessly chic look convenient for casual demands. Pick your favorite one from the HeyYou collection and start creating a wide variety of stylish and unique looks that you can wear throughout the year.

7.    Wear a Duster

Duster HeyYou
A duster can provide your look with a touch of effortlessly chic look convenient for casual demands. Pick your favorite one from the HeyYou collection and start creating a wide variety of stylish and unique looks that you can wear throughout the year.