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12 Skirts Outfit Ideas to Wear Throughout the Year

Most of the cute and chic outfits start with skirts. They add a lovely dose of style to any look, and they are suitable for almost any occasion. Skirts are versatile and fashionable, which means that you can style them in different ways and wear them for work, weekends, nights out, and other events where you want to show off some style.

Skirts come in a wide variety of lengths, materials, and styles, and they can help you create numerous outfits convenient for casual events, office, or some dressier ceremonies such as weddings or elegant dinners.

We are here to help you create a perfect skirt outfit that won’t go unnoticed. Let’s take a look at the 12 most prominent examples provided by HeyYou Women's Fashion.

Mini Skirt Outfits

Mini skirts are a perfect way to show off your legs and catch some sun on the hot summer day. They are incredibly stylish, fashion-forward, and gorgeous for party weekends and evenings. The best thing about these babies is that you can suit them with different garments and accessories, including slogan tees, blazers, and boots.

Let’s take a look at the best mini skirts from our collection:

Knit Mini Skirt

Basic Knit Mini Skirt
Get the look:
You can never go wrong with a piece such as a Knit Mini Skirt. It’s one of the most versatile pieces you can style with any top, blazer, or shoe type, and create a bunch of looks convenient for relaxed weekends or vacations. It’s available in eight colors, and each of them is unique and gorgeous in its own way.

Silver Sequin Mini Skirt

Silver Sequin Mini Skirt
A Silver Sequin Mini Skirt really sends the carnival vibes. It’s an incredibly stylish piece you can wear for parties, festivals, concerts, and other chic events where you want to bring a dose of joy and sparkle. Pair it with a Sequin Crop Top in Nude to create a glitzy style that won’t go unnoticed.

Brown Houndstooth Mini Skirt

Brown Houndstooth Mini Skirt
A Brown Houndstooth Mini Skirt is one of the trendiest solutions for ladies that want to enhance their femininity and take their style to the next level. It's incredibly chic and elegant, which makes it suitable for different occasions. Pair it with Brown Houndstooth Trucker Jacket to get the look inspired by the evergreen Parisian fashion tendencies.

Midi Skirt Outfits

Midi skirts are perfect for many reasons. They are undoubtedly the most popular pieces since they highlight the slimmest part of the leg – that said, they flatter all body types, creating a fabulous look that boosts your self-esteem. They come in various styles, colors, and materials, which makes them convenient for both casual and dressy attires.

Leopard Satin Slip Midi Skirt

Leopard Satin Slip Midi Skirt is a chic and unique item you can wear whenever you want to add some boldness to your overall look. It’s made from lightweight materials, featuring subtle sheen, elastic waist, and a fabulous leopard print that will make a great impression on anyone who sees you. It’s available in black and red leopard patterns.

Knit Midi Skirt

Knit Midi Skirt is another stunning staple that never goes out of style. You can suit it with numerous tops and accessories in different colors to achieve different looks you can't wait to show off. It will accentuate your perfect figure and highlight all the good parts of your body. No matter which color you choose, we’re sure you’ll look super sexy.

Drawstring Midi Skirt

A Drawstring Midi Skirt is something you should wear when you need to boost your comfort levels. Still, this skirt goes a bit beyond the comfort – it’s also stylish and highly fashionable, which makes it your top choice for summer hangouts and resorts.

Plaid Skirt Outfits

Plaid skirts have always been a popular choice among women, especially since it brings a touch of the old days’ sophistication. These staples are back again, and it’s time to wear them on the streets of your city.

Hot Pink Plaid Mini Skirt

A Hot Pink Plaid Mini Skirt is a unique piece that cannot be unseen. It features a timeless plaid pattern, as well as the vibrant pink color that adds a touch of sharpness and summer joy. Pair it with a Hot Pink Plaid Trucker Jacket to get the most stylish and fashion-forward look you can see in London and Paris.

Pencil Skirt Outfits

Pencil skirts are among the most convenient choices for the office or any work-related events. They feature a chic and sophisticated style that is always on-trend, which makes them suitable for any business setting. Still, you won’t go wrong even if you wear a pencil skirt to some evening functions, especially if you choose a faux leather one with a tight fit and stretch to flatter your curves.

Faux Leather Pencil Skirt

Faux Leather Pencil Skirt
A Faux Leather Pencil Skirt is quite a sophisticated piece that will perfectly suit any business-related event or formal setting. It’s made from eco-friendly faux leather, featuring back zipper closure, midi length, full lining, and two gorgeous color options – a black skirt and a blush skirt.
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Leather Skirt Outfits

Faux leather skirts are excellent for adding a dose of attitude to your style. It’s a modern staple that deserves the spot in any girl’s wardrobe. They’re equally chic and bold, providing an ultra-modern when paired with tops or blouses. These skirts are suitable for a wide variety of functions, from street to the bar, and thanks to their heavy fabrication, they are ideal for autumn and winter.

Faux Patent Leather High Waisted Mini Skirt

A highly versatile and chic Faux Patent Leather High Waisted Mini Skirt defines the effortless yet sexy look. This animal-friendly piece features an exposed single button-up closure, a hidden zipper closure, 5-pocket style, and full lining. Both color options – black and plum – work perfectly with turtlenecks and cute tops.

Faux Leather Biker Mini Skirt

Embrace your wild spirit with a Faux Leather Biker Mini Skirt. It’s a uniquely designed faux leather skirt suitable for nights out and events where you want to show off some sexiness. It’s available in two colors, black and burgundy. No matter which one you choose, you’ll always look fabulous.

Faux Leather Button Front Mini Skirt

Another stunner you may find exciting is a Faux Leather Button Front Mini Skirt. It’s a versatile and nicely tailored mini skirt you can wear throughout the year with different garments and accessories. It can create various looks, from cute to bolder ones.

Cute Skirt Outfits

Cute summer skirts come in a variety of breezy designs, colors, prints, and patterns that deliver a real hot-weather spirit. They are usually mini-length, lightweight, and comfortable, allowing you to wear them from the beach to the bar.

Ruched Mini Skirt

A Ruched Mini Skirt comes in three unique patterns designed to match the summer fashion 2020. You’ll love the flowy hemline, vibrant colors, lightweight fabrics, and other features that make this skirt everything but ordinary. These sexy skirts will also accentuate your waist and help you express your attractiveness.

How to Create the Most Stylish Skirt Outfits?

No matter if you like mini, midi, or maxi skirts, you have plenty of outfit options. Skirts allow you to style them with tops, shirts, tees, blazers, jackets, and a wide variety of accessories and shoes depending on what type of look you want to achieve.

Here are the four ultimate tips for getting the most stylish skirts outfits ideas:

1.    Tuck Tops into the Skirt to Define Your Waist

Tucking tops into skirts is a critical detail that enhances your waist, especially if you opt for A-line skirts. If you're wearing a tee, feel free to knot it over the skirt to create shape and structure to boost your style and confidence.

2.    Go for Skirts that Hit at Your Natural Waist

Any skirt outfit will look better on you if you choose a model that hits at your natural waist. That way, you'll gain a better silhouette, and it will be easier for you to tuck tops without them being fussy.

3.    Wear Heels with Skirts

Although almost any shoe type works perfectly with skirts, but, if you want to accentuate and elongate your legs, we suggest you go for heels. Of course, this "rule" depends mostly on your body type and shape, but it's generally better to stick with heels, especially if you choose a midi skirt.

4.    Find a Versatile Skirt

Versatility is one of the most important factors when it comes to picking the right item. Black or white skirts are always convenient since you can pair them with plenty of tops and shoes, as well as faux leather or knit skirts.

Feel free to experiment with outfits and find what suits you the best. Go for floral patterns and animal prints and make creative outfits that won’t go unnoticed. It’s summer, babe – everything is allowed!

How to Wear Skirts in Winter?

Here comes one of the most asked questions – How to wear skirts in winter?

Girls want to wear skirts and look chic and stylish even during cold days. However, we need to figure out how to leave the house in a mini-length piece without getting cold – no worries, we already have the answer(s) to that question.

Here are the five tips on how to wear skirts in winter:

1.    Wear Think Tights

Thick tights can make a significant difference and keep you warm even during the coldest days. They work perfectly with skirts and can also add a dose of style.

2.    Wear Boots

Apart from being incredibly stylish, boots also keep your legs secure and warm. They go perfectly with short skirts and long ones, creating plenty of chic outfits that won’t go unnoticed.

3.    Style Your Skirt with a Sweater, Coat or Jacket

Don't forget to take care of the upper half of your body. Wear a sweater, a jacket, or a coat and minimize the coldness you feel in your legs while boosting your overall look with a dose of chic effortlessness.

4.    Consider Faux Leather or Wool Skirts

Heavy-duty materials such as faux leather will keep you warm at low temperatures, while you might not need tights when wearing wool.

5.    Wear Long Skirts

Long skirts for women are convenient for fall and winter, and you can style them with different accessories to embellish your overall look and provide a touch of sophistication.