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Top 5 Dress Pants for Women Under $100 You Can Wear at Work

Today you can find a variety of pant styles designed for different occasions and purposes. That said, many collections offer pants for work, college, or some casual or dressy events. With so many choices, women often aren’t sure what to pick and whether they should choose comfort over style or vice versa.

However, you don’t need to make tough choices at HeyYou Women’s Fashion. All the items from our pant collection are comfortable, stylish, and made from high-quality materials that provide enhanced breathability and excellent fit. The only thing that might bother you is what color you should choose!

This article will present the top 5 women's pants under $100 you can wear at work, party, or any other event. Since they are made with versatility in mind, you can create various styles suitable for any upcoming occasion.

5 Stylish and Budget-Friendly Pants for Women

Let’s take a closer look at the 5 best pants for women you can wear for different occasions, including work, party, dinner, brunch, or any other event.

High-Waisted Knit Side Snap Pant ($78.00)

High-Waisted Knit Side Snap Pant
A High-Waisted Knit Side Snap Pant is where comfort meets style. These pants are an ultramodern example that features all the details you could want – a high elasticized waist, wide legs, a relaxed fit, and side snaps suitable for the days when you want to show a little leg.

These women pants are suitable for casual everyday errands when you need an extra dose of relaxed yet chic flare. They are available in beige, dark gray, and olive color.

High-Waisted Relaxed Side Snap Trouser ($98.00)

High-Waisted Relaxed Side Snap Trouser
You can never go wrong with women's wide-leg pants, an ultra-modern and versatile piece convenient for creating various styles. One such example includes the High-Waisted Relaxed Side Snap Trouser that comes with an elasticized back, concealed fly, side stripe with snaps, relaxed fit, back besom pockets, and wide legs.

These women's pants can be a perfect choice for office settings, business dinners, job interviews, or formal events in general. You can choose among the four fabulous colors, including black, red, navy, and white, and no matter which one you choose, you'll look amazing.

High-Waisted Relaxed Side Zip Trouser ($88.00)

High-Waisted Relaxed Side Zip Trouser
A High-Waisted Relaxed Side Zip Trouser is one of the most distinguished pair of the women’s dress pants you can wear for a wide variety of events, no matter if they’re business-related or not. They are an excellent choice for the office and semi-formal parties when you want to enhance your overall style and look effortlessly chic and elegant.

These pants for women are high-waist and have a concealed fly, side zip closure, relaxed fit, back besom pockets, wide legs, and overall design that never goes out of style. They are available in black, camel, crème, olive, and wine color.

High-Waisted Jogger in Plaid/Houndstooth ($88.00)

High-Waisted Jogger in Plaid_Houndstooth
Great women's work pants start with plaid and houndstooth patterns. These timeless prints reflect professionalism, high style, and a true business attitude, which makes them suitable for any work environment. High-Waisted Jogger in Plaid/Houndstooth represents the timeless pattern and impeccable style perfectly combined in a single garment.

These office pants come in sand plaid, brown plaid, and black houndstooth, and each of them can be enhanced with a blazer and a cute top. You’ll create an outfit according to the event you’re attending and your fashion preferences.

High-Waisted Jogger Pants ($68.00)

High-Waisted Jogger Pants
If you’re looking for perfect women’s jogger pants, we have the solution for you. The High-Waisted Jogger Pants are a stylish take on a weekend staple, featuring a hidden zipper closure, ribbed ankle cuffs, and a relaxed fit.

This fantastic pair of pants for women comes in four unique shades – peach, crème, navy, and light blue. Each color allows a seamless transition from the office to the bar while keeping you comfortable and trendy. You can pair them with heels or flats and make numerous styles convenient for many different occasions.

3 Must-Have Pant Styles for Women

Some pant styles are a must – dress pants, casual pants, and jeans, for example. You can create different outfits with such models, and make them convenient for every occasion, from work to nights out.

Dress Pants for Women

The best dress pants for women are never the wrong option since they are an essential part of the ladies’ clothing. Apart from the black dress pants, women also tend to choose more colorful options such as red, gray, or khaki, as well as the plaid, houndstooth, and pinstripe.

You can never go wrong with skinny dress pants for women that accentuate your silhouette and deliver a dose of the timeless, sophisticated fashion. Wide-leg pants are also convenient for business settings and days when you need an extra touch of softness.

Casual Pants for Women

Casual pants are something every girl needs. They are created with comfort in mind, but you will also find them exceptionally stylish. Casual pants are excellent for weekends and cozy days when you need an equal dose of trendiness and softness.

Some casual pants designs include capri pants, cargo pants, cropped pants, lounge pants, or slacks. You can even opt for those with drawstring waistbands if you prefer the extra casual style.

Women’s Jeans

An exquisite pair of evergreen denim jeans is a wardrobe essential you cannot be without. Jeans are comfortable and fashionable, and they are available in plenty of designs and fits. Black, gray, and even colored denim is on-trend now, and the final choice is up to you.

7 Most Common Fabrics Used for Women’s Pants

Here is the list of the most commonly used fabrics for women’s pants:
  • Cotton: Casual pants are often made from cotton. The most popular forms of cotton for pants are twill and denim.
  • Knit: The knit fabric is made from one set of yarns that run the same direction. It has a slightly bumpy texture, but it’s pretty comfortable and durable material convenient for casual clothing and career pants.
  • Linen: Women’s linen pants are stronger and stiffer than the cotton ones, but they’re still quite breathable and suitable for warm days. You can find a lot of dressy summer pants made from linen.
  • Synthetics: A wide variety of synthetic materials are used for pants – nylon, acrylic, polyester, rayon, etc. These fabrics are easier to clean and maintain but are not as durable as cotton or wool.
  • Silk: Silk is the most delicate natural fabric that brings warmth, strength, and durability. The most luxurious women's pants are made from silk, and they are often more expensive solutions.
  • Spandex: The majority of stretchy dress pants are made from spandex, which provides a stretchy fit you commonly see in stretch jeans or yoga pants.
  • Wool: The best cool-weather pants and other garments are made from wool or the hair of certain animals – alpacas, Angora rabbits, camel hair, the Kashmir sheep, etc. These materials are high-quality and extremely durable.
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5 Extra Tips for Styling Women’s Pants

You indeed have plenty of options for styling pants, but additional ideas always come in handy. Consider the following tips for styling pants and step into the office or party with enhanced confidence and style.

1.    Experiment with Cargo Pants

Cargo pants reflect the popular military-inspired style, which allows you to get creative at any time. You can pair your favorite cargo pants with strappy heels, sneakers, flats, slides, T-shirts, blouses, and other garments you find convenient.

You'll not only achieve the top-class look, but you'll also inspire other women to embrace such a trend.

2.    Pair Formal Pants with a Matching Blazer

You can style formal dress pants for women in many different ways, but if you want to create a classy and sophisticated style, you should go for a matching blazer or color suit jacket. Still, if you want something less formal, you can opt for a tank top o simple tee instead.

3.    Wear Joggers for Everyday Events

Jogger pants are an excellent choice for casual and everyday errands. You can pair them with sneakers, heels, slip-on shoes, a graphic tee, a sweater, and virtually any garment you want. Classic jogger pants are suitable for work, nights out, casual affairs, or any other occasion where you need an enhanced dose of comfort and sophisticated style.

4.    Embrace Wide Leg Pants

Fashion-forward wide-leg pants are back, and they look incredibly cool with heels, boots, platforms, wedges, and even sneakers. You can pair them with off-the-shoulder tops, sweatshirts, tees, and great blazers.

We suggest you go for wide-leg pants with a high waist to accentuate your figure and show off your shape.

5.    Wear Lightweight Pants During Summer

No matter what you do, you must feel comfortable. Hot summer days can be pretty tough, especially if you’re spending most of the time in the office, which is why we suggest lightweight models that will keep you fresh. You can never go wrong with jogger pants with elasticized ankles since they are both professional and incredibly breathable options for hot weather.