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10 Chic & Easy Monochrome Outfits to Wear in 2020/21

You must have heard about monochrome style before, and you must’ve tried it at least once. It consists of pairing two or more garments in the same color or shade, including black, white, gray, red, pink, green, or virtually any other tone.

Although they might seem basic at first glance, monochromatic outfits can be quite chic and eye-catching. Wearing one color from head to toe reflects your bold personality, boosts your confidence, and makes sure your look doesn’t go unnoticed – and these are just some of the reasons to give this style a try.

The idea of monochrome outfits has evolved throughout time, which is why we can see outfits consisting of one color or pattern in different shades and styles this year. Let’s learn more about the monochrome style and see the 10 most representative examples of the actual apparel.

What is Monochrome?

We can break down the term monochromatic into two – mono, which refers to single, and chromatic, which refers to the color. Therefore, a monochrome outfit consists only of singular-colored clothing items.

Still, it doesn’t mean that you should wear all-black, all-read, or all-green outfits. You are free to use one color in different tints and shades. For example, start with charcoal gray pants, add a top in dove gray, and coat in dark gray. Enhance the overall style with silver jewelry, and you’re ready to conquer the world!

The best thing about monochrome clothes is that they work perfectly with garments and accessories in different colors, such as red, blue, green, orange, purple, yellow, and more. Hence, there is no reason for you to skip this trend – just pick your favorite color and see how fabulous you look in it.

How to Dress Monochromatic?

If you have never sported a monochromatic look before, you might not be sure where to start. Since most monochrome outfits reflect a particular color theory (red is passionate, blue is calm, white is simple, etc.), we suggest you pick the color that matches your personality and stick with it. You like all-yellow? Then go for it!

Let’s dive into the 10 chic and simple monochromatic style ideas worth considering this season.

All-Black Monochromatic Outfits

According to color theory, you can use a specific color to channel your mood. Although all-black combinations often refer to a person in mourning, this dark tone may reflect other parts of your personality and style. Black has always been one of the classiest colors from the palette, and it is used to promote high style and top-notch fashion tendencies.

The truth is that you can never go wrong with all-black outfits, no matter if you’re headed to work or to attend a more formal event in the evening. All-black apparels are suitable for parties, dinners, or even some casual settings that call for simplicity and easy outfits. Besides, all-black outfits are very slimming!

Black High Waisted Suiting Short + Black Western Crop Top

Embrace an everlasting all-black style with a Black High Waisted Suiting Short and Black Western Crop Top. Such a combination is convenient for an array of occasions where you need an effortlessly chic look that boosts confidence and comfort. You can wear it with sneakers, pumps, or knee-length boots, depending on your preferences.

Black Midi Bodycon Dress + Black Long Sleeve Cropped Hoodie

Busy days call for monochromatic layers. What about the combination of the Black Midi Bodycon Dress and the Black Long Sleeve Cropped Hoodie? Although these two garments might seem incompatible, they work with each other flawlessly, bringing a dose of urban look that hit the catwalk this year. You can ditch the hoodie whenever you want to enhance your simplicity and elegance.

All-Red Monochromatic Outfit

Red is the color of love, passion, and joy – why not wear it then? Christmas parties and festive seasons call for all-red outfits, but the truth is that you can wear them on other occasions, too. Red is a royal and elegant color that enhances femininity, creating sensational outfits that cannot go unnoticed.

Red monochromatic clothes can be perfectly teamed up with silver and golden accessories, but you may also consider some shades of neutral colors to break the monotony.

Red Ribbed Long Sleeve Turtleneck + Red High Waisted Relaxed Side Snap Trouser

Say hello to the holiday season with the exclusive combination of Red Ribbed Long Sleeve Turtleneck and Red High Waisted Relaxed Side Snap Trouser. This is a stunning amalgam of incredible comfort and style that suits any setting, whether it’s a business dinner or a cozy holiday party. Apart from being a go-to party outfit, this monochromatic look is convenient for all kinds of fall and winter occasions.

All-White Monochromatic Outfits

All-white outfits are bold, stylish, and versatile. Wearing this timeless color will enhance your overall appearance and make it more prominent. It allows you to add accessories in different colors to make the contrast, but even if you go all-white, be sure that your style won’t go unnoticed.

White Polka Dot Blouse + White High Waisted Suiting Short

With the White Polka Dot Blouse and a White High Waisted Suiting Short, you can achieve an elegant yet sexy look suitable for an upcoming party. This monochrome look is anything but basic, and it can make a strong impression on anyone around you. It features two incredibly trendy clothing items that work flawlessly with each other, allowing you to add different accessories and jewelry.

Off White Faux Leather Fringe Western Dress ($98.00)

An Off White Faux Leather Fringe Western Dress is our best-selling model for a reason. Faux leather material, eye-catching fringe detail, button closure, and full lining are some of the featuring that make this monochromatic dress exceptionally chic and suitable for different events where you want to express your love for the Wild West theme.

All-Cream Monochromatic Outfit

The cream or crème color is one of the most versatile tones you can use to create a wide variety of styles that reflect elegance and expense. High-class crème items from your closet can create fantastic monochrome outfits for either formal or casual settings.

You can pair your crème attire with the shades of light brown, beige, or mocha color to create a perfectly toned style inspired by the latest fashion tendencies.

Crème Cowl Neck Satin Cami Top + High Waisted Jogger in Crème

Achieve a classic, neat, and polished monochrome look with a Crème Cowl Neck Satin Cami Top and High Waisted Jogger in Crème. This one color outfit elevates your appearance, making you look classy and elegant. Paired with a blazer or duster, this can be an excellent example of a smart-casual style you can sport at the college or office.

Plaid Monochromatic Outfits

You can create tons of chic outfits with good patterns – plaid, for example. Plaid is a classic print that reflects the high style and exceptional fashion tendencies. It’s an evergreen pattern we can often see on coats, blazers, skirts, pants, and sets. A nicely paired clothing items in plaid can deliver a luxurious look convenient for many different occasions, and we recommend you to include it into your monochromatic style.

Plaid Cold Shoulder Blazer + High Waisted Jogger in Black Houndstooth

Boost your look with a Plaid Cold Shoulder Blazer and High Waisted Jogger in Black Houndstooth and embrace the style inspired by the magical streets of Paris. This monochrome outfit is an excellent choice for business-related events or days when you simply want to look super-stylish.

Hot Pink Plaid Trucker Jacket + Hot Pink Plaid Mini Skirt

Monochrome outfits can be quite alluring and captivating, especially when you stick with the Hot Pink Plaid Trucker Jacket and the Hot Pink Plaid Mini Skirt. This is an incredibly bold and sophisticated look, in which you’ll feel like you’re channeling your inner Cher. It’s a pretty unique and sensational combination that cannot go unnoticed wherever you are.

Brown Double Breasted Plaid Blazer + High Waisted Jogger in Brown Plaid

Evergreen apparel created from a Brown Double-Breasted Plaid Blazer and a High Waisted Jogger un Brown Plaid should be your go-to choice for all the occasions you want to look dressy and stylish. The combination of these two same-patterned garments will elevate your look and make you look like you have just stepped out from Vogue's cover.

Houndstooth Monochromatic Outfits

A houndstooth pattern is back, and it is favored more than ever. You can see more and more clothing pieces inspired by this evergreen print, which is now available not only in black and white but in many other always-on-trend color combinations.

You can never go wrong with houndstooth-inspired monochrome outfits, which are suitable for a wide variety of occasions.

Brown Houndstooth Trucker Jacket + Brown Houndstooth Mini Skirt

If you don’t know how to style your houndstooth items, try with the Brown Houndstooth Trucker Jacket and a Brown Houndstooth Mini Skirt. You cannot look bad in such a fabulous attire that reflects a high style and classic fashion that never loses its luster.
Brown Houndstooth Trucker Jacket + Brown Houndstooth Mini Skirt