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9 Evergreen Women’s Blazer Models to Wear on Repeat + 10 Impressive Ways to Style It

A well-polished and stylish blazer is something a woman should never be without. Such a simple item can create a wide variety of professional, chic, and casual looks that never go out of style. Depending on your preferences and the nature of the event you're attending, you can wear a blazer with jeans, a graphic tee, a dress, or any other convenient garment.

Blazers come in different colors and styles, which makes them suitable for basically any event at any time of the year. They can significantly help you enhance your overall look and embrace the ultimate style inspired by timeless fashion trends.

Let’s have a look at the 9 most stylish women’s blazers you can wear on repeat and still look fabulous.

What is the Best Place to Buy Women’s Blazers?

You can find blazers basically anywhere, but if you want a true staple you can wear over and over, we highly recommend you check HeyYou Women’s Fashion online store. Our blazer collection consists of the most unique and fashion-forward pieces convenient for every event where you want to show off some style and boost your confidence to the maximum.

Women’s White Blazer

A white blazer is quite a versatile piece suitable for any occasion. It delivers a polished and neat look to any lady that wears it, and it can be perfectly paired with numerous garments such as jeans, pants, tees, tank tops, and adequate shoes.

Off White Beaded Fringe Asymmetrical Blazer ($148.00)

Enjoy the flawless design of the Off White Beaded Fringe Asymmetrical Blazer, which allows you to make a seamless transition from the office to the bar. It’s the best women’s white blazer enhanced with the unique asymmetrical cut, flap pockets, and a chic beaded fringe hem. A front button closure makes sure you look incredibly stylish and professional.

Women’s Black Blazer

Another versatile piece that deserves the place in your closet is a women’s black blazer. It can complete any look and provide it with a dose of effortlessly chic look and impeccable elegance that goes beyond classic fashion.

Black Cape Blazer ($78.00)

A women’s black blazer is a real essential that never goes out of style. A Black Cape Blazer is a stunning piece that provides a touch of simplicity and uniqueness, which is a perfect combination for all kinds of events. It features arm slits, a cape back, an open, peaked front with hook and eye closure, and two more color options – chestnut and red.

Black Beaded Fringe Asymmetrical Blazer ($148.00)

A Black Beaded Fringe Asymmetrical Blazer is a definition of the smart and chic look. Genuinely described as a business on top, party on the bottom, this stunner is perfect for both professional and party settings, mainly since it features a sleek design embellished with asymmetrical cut and beaded fringe detail.

Plaid Blazer for Women’s Wardrobe

The plaid pattern is evergreen since it reflects the tendencies of the fashion trends that never go out of style. Plaid blazers are remarkable solutions for events where you need to stick to the polished and sophisticated looks and show off your flawless flair.

Plaid Cold Shoulder Blazer ($98.00)

If you’re looking for an attractive piece that will emphasize your shoulders and provide the overall style, you should go for a Plaid Cold Shoulder Blazer. It features a single button front closure, front flap pockets, and an attractive design that makes a statement.

Brown Double Breasted Plaid Blazer ($148.00)

Embrace an authentic Parisian style and haute couture with a Brown Double-Breasted Plaid Blazer. It’s a real stunner that will take your overall look to the next level, making sure it doesn’t go unnoticed wherever you go. You can pair it with High Waisted Jogger in Brown Plaid to get gorgeous apparel inspired by the most famous designers worldwide.

Casual Blazers for Women

The best thing about blazers is that some of them are made for casual occasions. If you go for a casual blazer, you can boost your everyday outfits and provide them with a dose of the effortlessly chic nuance that brings joy to casual fashion trends.

Beige Cropped Blazer ($98.00)

A Beige Cropped Blazer is a gorgeous piece you can wear at any time. It features quite an innovative design suitable for both business and casual settings, allowing you to pair it with a lot of different garments in various colors and patterns.

Navy Cropped Blazer ($98.00)

If you like the navy color, then you’ll love a Navy Cropped Blazer. It’s incredibly stylish and suitable for the office, job interviews, brunches, or nights out. You can wear it with a dress, a pair of cute jogger pants, or denim if you're looking for a more casual look.

Striped Women’s Blazer Models

Vertical stripes are timeless, as well as the previously mentioned plaid pattern. They will make your body look visually thinner and provide your overall look with a touch of sophistication that will make you the center of attention.

Charcoal Double Breasted Striped Blazer ($148.00)

A Charcoal Double Breasted Striped Blazer is a real stunner that will enhance your overall look with professionalism and excellent style. It has all the features a good blazer should have, and it’s a convenient option for business settings and evening affairs where you need an enhanced dose of semi-formal style.

Pinstriped Cold Shoulder Blazer ($98.00)

An attractive and beautifully designed Pinstriped Cold Shoulder Blazer is one of those trendy women's blazers you'll wear with love. It delivers a slight touch of sexiness, making it suitable for nights out or hot dates with someone special.

10 Impressive Ways for Styling a Women’s Blazer

Since blazers are incredibly versatile and stylish, you can pair them with a wide variety of garments and create numerous looks convenient for different kinds of settings. Let’s take a look at the 10 ultimate ideas for styling a blazer and pick your favorite ones you’ll apply soon.

1.    Pair an Oversized Blazer with Skinny Jeanse

No matter if you opt for an oversized plaid blazer or the monochromatic model, matching it with skinny jeans is an excellent move. The fact that the blazer is a little oversized and the jeans are slim fit and skinny ensures balanced proportions and a perfect outfit for chillier days.

2.    Wear a Sweater Under the Work Blazers

A work blazer can be ideally paired with a sweater, creating an easy go-to for the office or any work-related occasion. If you're wearing a colorful blazer, make sure you opt for a black or white sweater – that way, you'll make the blazer pop while looking smart and professional.

3.    Match the Blazer with a Black Top and Heels

A combination of the classic women's blazer, a black top, and heels is ideal apparel for embracing the street fashion or attending a dressier occasion. You can opt for a ripped pair of jeans or trousers to create a flawless look that reflects a high style and enhanced comfort.

4.    Pair a Blazer with a Skirt, Tee, and Boots

A blazer is a perfect way to create a lot of impressive skirt outfits you can wear throughout the year. You can choose an oversized plaid blazer and pair it with a T-shirt and ankle boots to get a chic and fashion-forward look.

5.    Wear a Blazer as a Part of a Suit

Wearing a suit means implies a sophisticated and effortlessly chic appearance. A well-tailored suit is excellent for business and similar affairs, and you can always enhance it with a crisp tee, a pair of flats (oxfords or mules), and a belt. However, a suit can also be a convenient choice for fun Saturday nights – just pick a pair of strappy heels instead of flats, and you're ready to party.

6.    Create an Outfit from a Striped Tee, Over-the-Knee Boots, Neck Scarf, and a Blazer

A T-shirt, over-the-knee boots, neck scarf, and a blazer can create a top-notch outfit that won’t go unnoticed. Such a combination may remind you of the most fabulous Parisian fashion trends, and you are free to pick the colors, patterns, and materials of the garments you choose. Still, make sure all the elements work together.

7.    Go for Over-the-Knee Boots and a Slip Dress

A sexy and attractive combo of a slip dress and OTK boots can be significantly enhanced with a blazer. It will provide a chic look convenient for diverse events, and you'll notice a real confidence-boosting touch.
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8.    Wear a Blazer with Your LBD

Update your simple little black dress with a fashion-forward blazer in any color or print that stands out. You’ll love the overall look provided by the blazer, and the others will notice it, too.

9.    Use Women’s Blazer with Jeans and Silk Tank Top

Light-wash boyfriend jeans and a silky top make a gorgeous summer outfit that's breathable, comfortable, and suitable for many different events. This amazing attire can become ideal if you pair it with your favorite blazer, a tiny bag, and a pair of pumps.

10.    Opt for a Blazer and Monochromatic Attire

Monochrome is timeless and convenient for amazing chic looks. You can choose either all-black or any other monochromatic combination in which you feel comfortable and pair it with a plaid or striped blazer that provides contrast and authentic look.