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Top 10 Animal Print Outfits to Express Your Style in 2021

Animal prints are becoming more and more popular, and you may notice that they enhance the overall style, creating fabulous and confidence-boosting outfits. It spreads a fierce vibe that cannot go unnoticed, and you can find various prints inspired by different animals – snakes, leopards, zebras, tigers, cheetahs, etc.

However, creating a chic animal print outfit may be more challenging than you might think. Since it’s quite prominent and eye-catching, it’s essential to pair it with a solid-colored or neutral garment to avoid too vibrant and overpowering outfits.

Animal print outfits for women can be incredibly chic, elegant, and glowing. A key to achieving such looks lies in pairing prints with adequate garments, which you’re about to learn now. In this article, we’ll show you how to wear animal prints to a T, including the 10 best items inspired by the most exciting animals’ skins.

How to Wear Animal Print?

If you have never had an opportunity to wear animal print before, you might not know how to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Before we jump to specific tips for crafting animal print outfits, let’s take a look at the most popular patterns:
  • Leopard print: This feline print is characterized by a warm golden tan and black spots (rosettes) with light brown spots in their centers.
  • Cheetah print: Unlike leopard, a cheetah print’s background is tan with solid black spots. It tends to be more minimal than a classic leopard print, and it’s convenient for those who prefer more subtle versions.
  • Snakeskin print: This print is considered more neutral than its feline counterparts. It’s not entirely subtle, meaning that it can still take up all the attention.
All these prints can be found on clothing and accessories. It may be an intimidating trend to seize because it is not completely subtle and can become quite overwhelming when not styled correctly. But don't worry, babe – you're in the right place to learn the basics of creating chic and super fabulous animal print outfits.

Leopard Print Outfits 101

Unlike those trends that come and go, leopard print will remain in our wardrobes for a long time (maybe forever, who knows). It can significantly enhance any simple outfit and provide it with a dose of chic vibe that cannot go unnoticed.

You can find leopard print on faux fur jackets, dresses, shorts, and an array of accessories, including bags, headbands, scarves, etc. Apart from a classic gold-tone and black spots, leopard print also comes in different colors, including red, pink, gray, etc.

What to Wear with Leopard Print?

Here are some super-stylish ways to incorporate leopard print into your everyday outfits and take your look to the next level.

1.    Create a Leopard Blouse Outfit

A leopard blouse outfit can be quite a stylish and sexy choice for everyday demands, nights out, or even business settings, depending on the dress code and your overall outfit. When it comes to styling your leopard blouse, you have an array of options. For example:
  • You can loosely tuck it in your jeans, skirt, pants, or shorts.
  • Enhance your look with accessories
  • Finish off your outfit with heels or flats
  • If you’re wearing a cropped blouse, pair it with high-waisted jeans or pants.
  • Wear a solid-colored cardigan or blazer to layer up.
A Leopard Print Long Sleeve Cropped Blouse is made of lightweight fabric that provides an extra dose of comfort. Other essential details include balloon sleeves with elastic cuff, alluring leopard print, and two color options that emphasize your style – navy and ivory.

2.    Wear a Leopard Jacket

A leopard jacket is a perfect addition to your wardrobe since it can convert even the simplest outfit into a masterpiece. A Leopard Faux Fur Jacket is quite a glamorous piece that can take all your day and night outfits to the next level. You can wear it with anything – from a dress to a more casual garments – and get an instant dose of high-end glamor.
You can wear a leopard faux fur jacket with:

3.    Enhance Your Leopard Print Dress Outfit with Neutral Accessories

When styled with adequate accessories, the animal print dress can be quite glamorous and sophisticated. You can enhance your leopard dress outfit with subtle accessories, flats, and a cute handbag to create a style according to the latest female fashion trends.
Our choices:
A striking leopard print, adjustable spaghetti straps, raw hem, midi length, and V-neck are some of the details you’ll love about a Leopard Strappy Slip Dress. It brings a substantial dose of refined simplicity to any lady who wears it, promising a perfect fit and high confidence levels. You can wear it with a denim jacket, faux leather jacket, sandals, and fine accessories.
Whether you’re looking for a super-sexy evening dress or a piece you can wear on brunches and daytime gatherings, take a look at a ¾ Sleeve Ruched Front Dress in Leopard Print. This figure-flattering dress comes in two colors – ivory and navy – embellished with a timeless leopard print suitable for different types of events. You can wear it in both casual and dressier manner, and complete it with sneakers, flats, heels, earrings, etc.

4.    Try Skirt Leopard Print Outfit Ideas

Leopard print skirts are captivating and classic at the same time, which makes them a must-have garment for every glamorous lady. You can wear them whenever you want to create bold outfits in a casual, relaxed, or cocktail party manner, and mix them with an array of garments in many different ways – crop tops, T-shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, and diverse types of shoes in solid or neutral colors are always convenient.
Featuring a lightweight fabric with a subtle sheen, elastic waist, and two fabulous colors, red and black, a Leopard Satin Slip Midi Skirt is incredibly convenient for parties, brunches, and any other setting where you want to look attractive and chic.

Cheetah Clothes and Outfits 101

Cheetah print clothing is often confused with leopard pattern, which tends to be more striking. Still, you can find different cheetah prints and colors that are more or less prominent, but it’s essential to know how to wear them to avoid overpowering outfits that attract too much attention.
Cheetah is present on many garments and accessories, and it can look quite chic and fabulous when paired with minimalist clothing in solid or neutral colors and shades.

1.    Experiment with Cheetah Print Dress Outfits

Cheetah print dress outfits are an excellent way of expressing sexiness and fierce vibe. They are suitable for nights out, clubbing, dinners, and parties where you want to accentuate your wild spirit and wear an outfit that attracts attention. Since a cheetah dress can be quite striking, try to pair it with neutral accessories and shoes to create well-balanced apparel.
A dazzling Ruched Front Tank Dress in Pink Cheetah is what you need to shine to the brightest. Its flattering silhouette and flirty patterns ensure refined style and sophisticated sexiness that will be remembered for a long time. Pair it with heeled sandals and delicate accessories to get a super-stylish look.
Cheetah-inspired tops are chic garments that can freshen up any style you can imagine. You can nicely pair it with jeans, pants, a skirt, shorts, denim, and any neutral or solid-colored piece of clothing that complements your outfit.
A Pink Cheetah Print High Neck Satin Short Sleeve Top is a stylish summer garment that emphasizes your sun-kissed skin and makes you look lovely during day and night. You can wear it with denim jeans, shorts, a faux leather skirt, or classic black pants. Classy accessories and jewelry can make the overall apparel more sophisticated.

Animal Print Attire: Snakeskin Dresses

Snakeskin is one of those prints that never go out of style. It reflects a classic and neutral flair that completes any outfit, making it classier and more refined. However, you should be careful when styling it since it can overpower your overall outfit.

Apart from shoes, jackets, belts, and bags, snakeskin print is quite popular on dresses, pants, tops, and other garments.

A Snake Print Open Back Ruffle Dress is anything but subtle. Loud prints, sheer material, and fabulous snakeskin print will ensure you’re the center of attention wherever you go.
Slither into a Snake Print Strappy Slip Dress and make it your go-to choice for both days and evenings, whether you need something casual or dressy.